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Dante Wesley cheap shots Clifton Smith

A little something we missed from the Panthers-Bucs game. Wesley was ejected from the game. Probably a good thing too, the other Bucs players probably would've killed him.
WTF was he thinking?
Better be a suspension.
Have they played twice allready?
No excuse for that. Looked like something a thug would do.
Originally posted by 49erWill:
Originally posted by marshniners24:
Have they played twice allready?

payback is 12-6-09

They should televise that game!
is he a rookie or a vet?
what a piece of s**t

hope he is suspended the rest of the year and fined. Totally uncalled for.
Originally posted by darkknight49:
hope he is suspended the rest of the year and fined. Totally uncalled for.

Maybe not the rest of the year, but a suspension? Oh absolutely. That was malicious and he -- in no way WHATSOEVER -- tried to pull up or avoid it. He knows the rules. He didn't care. Blatant, and flagrant.
Looks like he was indeed suspended.
i'd like to know what he was thinking also?? Did he actually think he caught or was about to catch the ball?? Did the guy call for a fair catch??
WOW. Usually the offending player has SOME type of defense, he didn't see the ball or was pushed into the guy, etc. Wesley's actions show me he knew Smith didn't have the ball (or he would have tried to wrap him up), but rather he was just taking a CHEAP shot at a defenseless player. What an ass, this will make it even funner to route against the Panthers the rest of the year.
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