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Eventual MVP?

Eventual MVP?

It looked like Peterson or Brees at the beginning of the year, but I'm leaning toward Peyton now.

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Tom Brady
Originally posted by valrod33:
Tom Brady

Added another option for you.
There is no one better than Peyton Manning
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The only way Peyton doesn't get it is if Brees finishes with a better record, at least a 2 seed, and better numbers. It could happen.
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OPOY : Michael Crabtree

DPOY : Mike Nolan
Jared Allen?
Originally posted by Rikimaru03:
Jared Allen?

Good choice.

I feel like I left someone else out of the poll...
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Patrick Willis

eli manning
Mark Roman fa sho
Peyton is off to the best start in his career. No way he doesn't win it.
No one means more to their team than Peyton. This year he is having a great year despite having only 2/3 the arsenal he has had in the past. Unless he is injured seriously, they can hand him the trophy now.
Patrick Willis

and I say that with no homerism
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