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Eventual MVP?

Eventual MVP?

It looked like Peterson or Brees at the beginning of the year, but I'm leaning toward Peyton now.

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Tom Brady
Originally posted by valrod33:
Tom Brady

Added another option for you.
There is no one better than Peyton Manning
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The only way Peyton doesn't get it is if Brees finishes with a better record, at least a 2 seed, and better numbers. It could happen.
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OPOY : Michael Crabtree

DPOY : Mike Nolan
Jared Allen?
Originally posted by Rikimaru03:
Jared Allen?

Good choice.

I feel like I left someone else out of the poll...
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Patrick Willis
eli manning
Mark Roman fa sho
Peyton is off to the best start in his career. No way he doesn't win it.
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No one means more to their team than Peyton. This year he is having a great year despite having only 2/3 the arsenal he has had in the past. Unless he is injured seriously, they can hand him the trophy now.
Patrick Willis

and I say that with no homerism
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