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NFL Week 5 Games/Comments Thread

cowboys tied with the chiefs

edit: sucks, they said the game was over when it wasn't lol

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The redskins really really are a horrible team
Why run into the kicker?
NE just got 2 1st downs on 4th down penalties
Let's go Texans!!!
Instead of being near 50, they're on the 1.
f**king Matt Schaub just f**ked us over
Denver scores!! 98 yard drive!!
Originally posted by ads_2006:
f**king Matt Schaub just f**ked us over

andre johnson is an absolute beast. how the hell did he get that td in

Lets go Denver!
come on Texans tie it up...
wow at the 1 yard line and they couldn't punch it in
Denver game in OT. Great game.
Can someone post a Denver link please?
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