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NFL Week 5 Games/Comments Thread

Why can't our taser be awesome like that?
oh yeah...Justin smiley leading the way for go ahead td.


why the f**k did he squib it that short


yeah, f**k the jets

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I tried to change my pick em pick about 10 minutes before the game and it wouldnt let me.

Haha tampering b***hes.

Originally posted by Giggiddy:
Originally posted by Esco:
Looks like Miami found there future QB.

Really good game

One of the best Monday night games I've seen in awhile!

that's the truth
Someone remove Matt Millen already... He's so full of himself, it's sickening.
I think Sanchez is awsome and cheering for him but fu** the Jets.

Another thing I liked about the game is the Oline play. We need to find a good Oline coach and pay a good amount of money for some good Olineman. I hate our GM's stance about not paying a lot for guards.
Just saw the stat line, No sacks or QB hits for the Jets D? Plus Sanchez's numbers being average. Henne seemed to have a good game though. Couldn't watch the game, so maybe I'm missing something, but the Jets D seemed to play more like last week than the 1st 3 weeks of the season.

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