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NFL Week 2 Games/Comments Thread

Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Anyone have a link to the Vikes/Lions game?

The only 1 I kind find is a cam recording the tv.
cards pounding the jags 24-3 at half
Originally posted by battletowin:
cards pounding the jags 24-3 at half

the jags freaking suck.
man i should have stuck with the cards
Rams beating redskins
raiders int i took a gamble and chose them to be my defense on a fantasy team

edit:f**k i hate the new nfl game center, updates you with plays that didn't f**kin happen
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Originally posted by battletowin:
Rams beating redskins

woah russell 3/12
Damn, Jemarcus is inaccurate as fu*k

He could've had an easy touchdown ....twice.

Threw to double coverage alot......

Janokaowski with a 54 yard field goal

rooting for the lions
Sanches 8/11 107yrs 1 td against the PATRIOTS.

this kid looks like the real deal.

texans and titans game a close one
lol the Packer fan flipping off the camera
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HAHHAHAHAHHAHA at the Packers fan giving the big "F U" and finger during Ocho's TD leap.

oh man, and they ever replayed it.

where's Krazy? his boy is killing out there! 2 picks
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