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Cody Pickett talks Niners

I spoke with Cody Pickett today in Hamilton, Ontario, mostly about the Labour Day Classic between Toronto and Hamilton but I did get some San Fran comments out of him.

Nothing ground breaking, but I have it so why not share?

I hope he gets an NFL shot again one day. He's really working hard to develop his game

He's been getting better every game with the Argonauts
Thanks for sharing.

We should've tried him out at WR or Safety. That way, we wouldn't be dealing w/ Crabtree and Roman.

But really, if he ever enters the NFL, he'll probably be a solid #2 at most. I just don't see him being a starter anywhere, except when the #1 QB gets injured.
Not to often one of the QBs on the roster is out making tackles on special teams.
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