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"Rams Have Best Running Backs in NFC West"

Originally posted by MaliCali:
i dont even think steven jackson is better than gore.. he has had pretty good passing attack helpin him out, last year bruce leaves and his numbers slip, now holt is gone..

gore has done his thing with new offensive systems and almost non existent passing attacks..

it's a lot when cowboys fans try to tell you Emmett was better than Barry Sanders

not to say jackson compares to smith or gore compares to barry, but im sure you get what im saying


Sanders had a Tom More passing attack with Two 1000 yard WRs

and emmit had to pound the ball in to the line over and over again since everyone knew the run was gonna come again and again and again.....

so i assume you were saying Gore is Smith and Jackson is Sanders?
Originally posted by Psinex:
Originally posted by aclarke49:
Originally posted by Psinex:
Originally posted by aclarke49:
I agree that we are pretty tough and should be in the runningfor the best running tandum in the West. But what do you guys thing about the signing of the Edge in Seattle. It makes me a little nervous with Jones and Moore. I think what might make that tandum good it that their passing game should be much improved (provided they stay healthy.)

Julius Jones and Edgerrin James? Uh, Jones had like 698 yards last season and has only topped 1,000 in one season out of the five years he's been in the league. Edge has gotten over a thousand yards but on over 300 carries with a sub 4.0 ypc average. He's not going to get 300 carries splitting time with Jones.

St. Louis has Stephen Jackson, who may be slightly better than Gore, but has missed a ton of games due to injury. Gado? b***h, please. I'll take Gore and Coffee any day of the week.

I don't dis agree but I think that Seattle is going to be tougher this year than allot of people are giving them credit for.

Part of the reason for Julious Jones's lack of production was he didn't have a comprable back (he's not an every down guy) and the LOAD of injuries that Seattle had last year. Without a passing attack and without a healthy line it's pretty difficult to move the ball.

As per Edge, I agree that he is older and his YPC are not the greatest, but he was in AZ last year that is not really known for running the ball. Perhaps the combo of a good passing game, better O-line and a quality duo of backs with Edge could be dangerous.

I'm not disagreeing with you in the sence that I am VERY happy with Gore and Coffee (Hope his success carries into the reg. season) but I just think we should over look the Seahawks. I think they will be pretty tough.

I don't dispute that the Seahawks will be tough. But I don't think it'll be because of their rushing game. If anything, having a healthy Hassel-back (sic) and TJ Whoseyomomma will make them tough. I'm more scared of their passing game without a steady pass rush. Hopefully Parys and Manny can get it done.

HAHAHA, "hopefully Manny can get it done"? Get what done, get owned by the RT play after play?
It should be, "hopefully Parys and Justin can get it done"
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