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Steve McNair found dead

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Seriously WTF man?

R.I.P. Steve

Damn. R.I.P. steve.

This is getting crazy.
craaaaaaaaazy RIP to Air McNair. One of my favorite players all time for sure.
now it is coming out that it was his wife who killed him and then she killed herself. what a shame
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ESPN at 5pm est with the story.
  • Lonely49erFan
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Is this true? This would be all over the news by now. Yet it's not.....

Either double homicide or murder-suicide. Still early to tell. ESPN with the story at 5 pm est.
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holy s**t man. that's nuts.


Dam, one of my fav QB's, he was a class act. R.I.P
sucks. rip bro
Wow...what a shock. I always liked him . Rest in Peace no. 9
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