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Housh: Seahawks Are Going To Be 'Real' Good

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1. Can Hasselbeck stay healthy?
2. How many games Beanie Wells will stay healthy?
3. Does Well's ankles matter without a good OL?
4. Can Curry get after the QB like JP?
5. Do they have a secondary?
6. Mora is their coach?

Beanie's on AZ.

ha! I need to get some sleep. Let me take another shot at this:

1. Can Hasselbeck stay healthy?
2. How many games before half of the OL is on IR?
3. Does OL health really matter with Julius Jones at RB?
4. Can Curry get after the QB like JP?
5. Do they have a secondary?
6. Mora is their coach?

They have no running game.
Sounds like he was high, " Cool Dude "

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Talk is cheap, training camp hasn't even started yet.

Exactly....Kevin Smith also said the Lions would make the playoffs this year!

But the Seahawks will be better than last year on offense...but they still haven't addressed their biggest weakness.....the running game.

this is key. without depth, hasslebeck is in trouble!

everyone is talking about hasslebeck being back but he didnt do very much in 2007 if memory serves.

I think we can sweep Seattle this year. we will play some clock management, good defense etc.

The only team im concerned about is az.
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The biggest question mark on that team is how good they will be without Holmgren at the wheel. Last year, his ability to get the most from a pile of s**t probably added two wins to their record. I am not a fan of Mora, and I don't see him getting the max mileage out of his team that Holmgren was able to do. Barring injuries, they will win more than the 4 they did last year, how much? Very hard to say. But the o-line is suspect (again) as is the run game.

Their small ass secondary was weak ass last year, I see the decline continuing as the already worthless Russel is a year older and still back there.
The Dline would seem to be holding ground at best, or declining as well. Bernard is gone, and they brought in two others to replace the one. Personally, I think they are treading water there and doubt if Kerney ever returns to his form of two years ago.

The LB corp looks outstanding, however, Curry isn't a JP by a long shot. I expect that group to regress a tad as Curry is a rookie. Releasing JP and drafting Curry was a lateral move with little (or even decreasing) benefit in the near term, but plenty of upside in the long.

Overall, the team looks to be essentially the same team as last year (minus injuries) but a year older to me and treading water, without Holmgren getting the max mileage at the wheel anymore.
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Until Matt Hasselbeck goes back on the injury list.

Awwwww.........not so much.
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shoulda stayed with the bengals.
Yea i thought they were gonna be a lot better. What i forgot about was there lame duck coach. Walter jones injury crushed them.
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Who's your mamma?????
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