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Who was the bigger bust?

Who was the bigger bust?

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Smith has gotten a pretty raw deal. Horrible OL (Jennings missing 20+ games as example), lousy WR, TE (Davis is now getting done), revolving door at OC and a defensive minded coach who did not know how to manage or help train a young QB.

Saying that IMO Smith needs to be traded in 2010 for 5th-7th round pick some team will still be intrigued by his physical skills and willing to give that up to gain a back up QB. What will always prevent Smith from being a starting QB is his inability to scan the field quickly and select the right WR to throw to.

David Carr was drafted by and started for an expansion team

not the best situation either lol

I would agree I saw some of the Texans games and seeing Carr getting sacked 4-6 times a game was sad, they had no defense and a horrible running game. It was all on him.

Even the biggest Niner fan has to admit our team in 2005 was essentially an expansion team. Our defense was 32nd in the NFL, Gore was a rookie but Nolan in his infinite wisdom chose to use Barlow at RB, I think the only pro level WR we had was Battle and Brandon (head case) Lloyd, our starting TE was out due to injury and our OL sucked. What is odd many of us were not impressed with McCarthy yet what we learned is McCarthy did not have talent to work with and I imagine he and Nolan had serious differences on how to build the offense and handle Smith. Therefore, McCarthy bailed as fast as possible. We have learned McCarthy is a very good coach and Nolan is back doing what he is best at being a DC.
Russell is going to be up there soon.
Originally posted by Thizz415:
Russell is going to be up there soon.

Already worse than both imo.
Originally posted by Thizz415:
Russell is going to be up there soon.

He doesn't need to. Don't we all think that he is already there. Averaging 30 percent on your pass is a complete bust. Alex smith at least are completing 55 percent of his pass.
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This one is easy...Carr

He's been passed around the league like a dirty wh*re...Alex on the other hand is still on the same team that drafted him if that can account for something.

that the 49ers were desperate as f**k for a QB?
Very difficult because both had terrible offensive lines, but David Carr did have Andre Johnson...Alex Smith had no one.
David Carr is older and had longer time to prove. Russell is seriously busting in front of our very eyes. Alex hasn't gotten a good shot cause he has been injured but thats not to say he deserves it right now.
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