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whats the difference between offsides and neutral zone infraction?

Neutral zone infraction is when the defensive player jumping offsides causes the offensive player to move.

I thought that was encroachment. I think neutral zone infraction is when a defensive player actually touches an offensive player and offsides is when the play is allowed but a defensive player was lined passed the LOS.

Touching people is encroachment

Isn't that encrouchment??
Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by zillabeast:
When you're inside the other team's 10 yard line, and you're passing, wouldn't it just make more sense to simply throw the ball away quickly out of the back of the end zone if no one is open? I don't understand why so many QBs take sacks in the red zone.

It happens when they try to play street ball. Lol.

I'd like to see Alex get some more designed keepers. That TD in the Rams game reminded me of his TD in Seattle six years ago, and then his big one in the MNF opener against Arizona. He's always been gifted with great speed out of the pocket.
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