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The JTO WTF Statistic Tracker Thread

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Mad Martz, wasn't JT your boy?

I think he is very talented, but he just cant hang on to the ball. The interceptions dont bother me so much. Its those 11 fumbles that kill me.

Pick 6's and Int's in the endzone don't bother you? Wow!

They dont bother me as much no. Qbs are going to throw INTs. Fumbling twice in back to back series is what really kills me.

Wow! I just lost all respect that I could of had for any of your post. The worst thing a QB can do is turn the ball over in the endzone(giving away points) or pick 6's(handing the game to the other team) and they don't bother you! That is crazy! Fumbles suck sure but making the INT's JTO did is way worse.

They dont bother me as "MUCH" as the fumbles because JT has only started 7 games and I expected the picks. If you didnt then I lost all respect for any of your post because you obviously dont know football.

Did you expect perfection from a first time starter?

Yea...I don't know got it! I expected picks but the guy has been in the NFL 7 years and he had more turnovers than a rookie Alex Smith who had never spent one day in the NFL. I expect mistakes but I don't expect straight out horrible decisions where you throw into brackets or under coverage with a flat pass. It is simply unexplainable how bad the reads were on JTO's passes. He really had ZERO idea how to properly read coverage and he gave games away bc of it.

If you're in this league for 7 years of coaching. You should know not to throw into double, triple, and quadruple coverage or fling the ball carelessly. You act like he just came out of college with no time to sit and learn. Um. He's been doing it his whole career. His first action in Detroit he fumbled 3 times and threw 2 picks in TWO QUARTERS. That's what you get with him. He's nothing more than an overhyped 3rd stringer who Coach Martz had you fooled about. Detroit fans say the EXACT same thing. Martz pumped up JTO for them, but they knew he was abominable. Fans should've known better, but Martz duped many of the feeble-minded here as well.

You can't tell me that a pile of garbage is a diamond when you're holding up that piece of garbage right in front of my face and expect me to believe you. Just as you can't expect someone to believe JTO has any "greatness" in him whatsoever after riding the bench for 7 years, and now starting played like garbage week after week. Just can't do it.

"I want WINNERS. I want people who want to win."

JTO, 2-6, Is a loser.

Well you must be the greatest thing since Bill Walsh. In watching 7.5 games you have proclaimed JT "TRASH", That's just great. I bet you were saying similar things about Garcia when he took over as QB. You cant feed me your garbage after only 8 NFL starts. Just cant do it.

7 years in the NFL means you have skills. If he had none he wouldn't be on a team every year smart guy.

You cannot make an honest assessment after only 7.5 starts.


You can hate him all you want and that is fine by me. But you dont have to kick s**t my way because I choose to share a different view than you.

I might not be Bill walsh but I will agree with the SEVEN previous NFL teams(one which includes the NE patriots and we all know how they gauge talent) that JTO is worth a roster spot as all the previous teams let him go after he was done being their 2nd or 3rd stringer(he was a 3rd guy in NE) so, you may think he has talent but at least a QAURTER(how many teams have let him go) of the NFL coaches would disagree with you...

What are they going to tell me? That he cant throw the ball? That would be false. Are they going to say he fumbles to much? That would be false also, the qbs dont get hit in practice. What are they going to tell me? A 3rd string QB doesnt even take snaps during the week.

JT is a joke. Get over it. The guy has had 1 1/2 years in this system. He has decent WRs. He has a "genius" OC who has babied him and put his full confidence in his ability. He hasnt had to worry about job security. I'll give him a pass on the sacks, our o line sucks. But, he looks like a 10 yr old when he panics and attempts to make some bulls**t play that makes you smash your head onto your coffee table. I am embarrased for him when I watch the games. I am embarrased for our team when he is on the field.

He sucks.

The guy is a clown running around the circus that we call "Home".

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I want to see JTO start again next season.

Actually I can name 31 teams where I want him to be a starter...

I get to bump this thread!!!
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