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Who really wanted Reid

Who really wanted Reid

No I didn't because I wassn't sure if it would be the 2011 version that Charles Davis spoke about or the less than average 2012 version.

Thi is an excerpt from a magazine on line - Ebony -? something or other. Still, it hits exactly what I was thinking

Eric Reid, FS, LSU

Reid is perhaps the most physically impressive player in this draft class. Certainly the most physically impressive safety. Reid has all the talent in the world. He is extremely fast and strong, he hits very hard, he has decent instincts. The question with Reid is what type of player are you getting? Do you get the 2011 version of Reid where he looked like an early first round caliber player and a future all pro? or do you get the 2012 Reid who looked out of place and lost for most of the season last year? If you get the former, he could be the biggest steal in the draft, if you get the latter he will be a career special teamer and journeyman. Boom or Bust. As an example of how much disagreement there is in draft circles about Reid, Daniel Jeremiah of NFL network says he wouldn't take Reid until at least the mid second while Charles Davis, of the same network, would take him as high at 13 to the Buccaneers(as the top safety in the class). Jeremiah formerly worked for the Ravens.

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I wasn't sold on the guy, mostly cause I didn't know that much about him and saw others with similar builds and stats who I thought would be available later.

Really I thought they'd trade up for Austin, then go DL and TE before they'd pick a FS.

In retrospect, FS was the greatest need and it looks like Reid has all the tools to fill that need.

Kudos to all the guys on this board who had Reid as the #1 pick in their mocks.

Lots of really smart football guys on the webzone!!!
I'm guessing this was Baalke's pick.
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