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Who's your one "Do Not Draft" player this year?

Sorry if there's already a thread.

Mine is Margus Hunt. 26 years old, raw, little production, a workout warrior. I dislike it enough when teams draft older guys in the first round (see Weeden, Brandon and Watkins, Danny), but he's a project. Would just be a really poor pick. I don't believe Hunt is anywhere near Baalke's radar, though. He likes really young guys like Aldon and Anthony Davis who have room to grow.
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Lattimore. Did you SEE that shredded knee?
Margus Hunt as you obviously named but I'll also say Ziggy Ansah. Guy has bust written all over him he's Vernon Gholston 2.0.
Manti Te'o
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Can I name more than one?

If I just had to name one, probably Jesse Williams. He brings no pass rush.
Margus Hunt
Margus Hunt.

But since he's already been said, I'll go with Eric Reid at 31 or 34.. If he falls to late second round then maybe, but not that early

So yea, pretty much everyone here wants us to draft at 31. And yes, I know what "one" means.
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Manti Te'o


May as well bring Tebow on as well, then we get all the NFL drama instead of 1/2

Why isnt anybody giving margus hunt any love? Tomsula has to be the best positional coach on our team and justin smith is arguably our best player. Now ray mac isnt a slouch but with tomsula and smith to learn from the sky is the limit for this man. He has all the measurables your looking for, he's no jj watt but has a very similar ability to swat balls. I know he's not young but if we want to win now, he seems to me like he would help out tremendously. I don't get it
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Tavar Austin or any WR in the 1st.
LB - Te'o
DB - Mathieu
DL - Hankins
OL - Any C except Brian Schwenke
QB - Colin Klein
Agree with OP on Hunt for all the reasons listed.

Also add Eric Reid to the "do not want" list. Phenomenal athlete with a knack for bone-jarring hits, and plays physical. Production, instincts, and consistency are question marks. Sounds like a Taylor Mays scouting report. PASS.

*Edit* Well, now I feel stupid. Had Reid on my do not want list, we selected him, and now I love it. Can't help it, I'm a homer.
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