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Krabernick's Final 6 Round Mock

1. Datone Jones- DE- UCLA- This guy has been my draft crush since the start of draft season, and it doesn't end here. Absolutely love everything about this guy- unstoppable motor, very strong, good technique, can rush the passer, stop the run, and was the only D lineman at the senior bowl to give Eric Fisher trouble. He would be a shoe-in to replace Justin Smith next season and after passing on Wolf and Reyes last year in the first round, we can't afford to make the same mistake. He's the man at 31

2a. DJ Hayden- CB- Houston- Another one of my favorites, and would be a crazy good value to get in the 2nd round. I think teams are going to be wary of picking him in the first obviously because of the injury he suffered, but in my opinion is a better talent than Milliner. Let's not forget Tarell Brown is in his walk year and will probably demand top CB money, and with Aldon, Kaep, Iupati, etc all in line to get extensions we MUST take a starting-caliber CB in this draft. I really think this guy can be a very good #1 corner in the NFL and if he's on the board we cannot afford to pass on him.

2b. Phillip Thomas- FS- Fresno State- My absolute favorite safety in this draft. Thomas is exactly the type of ballhawk in the secondary that we are sorely missing in the secondary. Can step in from day one and be the starter and IMO can be a pro bowler in this league. Remnds me a little bit of Earl Thomas from he Seahawks and his vastly underrated IMO.

3a. Da'Rick Rogers- WR- Tennessee Tech- The rich get richer. When I first started reading about Da'rick, I wasn't as high on him as others were, and thought he was more or less a Boldin clone. But after watching tape on this guy who abused the SEC and even Oregon's defense this past year, I am all in. His strength, strong hands, route running, beating the press, and accelleration are all impeccable. The more I watch him the more TO I see in him. IMO the most complete receiver in the draft, and him, crabtree, and vernon should be a terror for defenses in the future.

3b. Travis Kelce- TE- Cincinnatti- The rich get richer once again. Talent-wise, I really believe Kelce is the 2nd best tight end in this draft and it is closer than people think between him and Eifert. What people don't realize about Kelce is he is a ferocious blocker, and there's no way Jim Harbaugh will take a tight end in this draft that doesnt block. Complements vernon very nicely, as he can be the over the middle threat while vernon can be the deep threat. Tremendous value at this point in the draft for a guy that should be a late 1st/early 2nd rounder.

4a. Marcus Lattimore- RB- South Carolina- Need I say more? Everyone knows this guy's talent and hes going to be the steal of the draft. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind this guy is gonna come back 100% and be a perrenial pro bowl back. I really think Harbaugh and Co. covet this guy and he literally complements James/Hunter perfectly for the future.

4b. Brandon Jenkins- OLB- Florida State- The forgotten man in the draft. Led Florida St. in sacks a ccuple years ago and had 2 productive years in college in terms of sack numbers and then had the foot injury this past season. Not a physical specimen by any means, but a guy that just has a knack at getting to the quarterback and has a chance to be a very nice pass rusher for us in the future.

5. Montori Hughes- NT- Tennessee Martin- Huge guy and huge talent but has major character concerns. If he can get his head straight, he can be a nice starting NT our defense hasn't had in a while.

6a. Quanterous Smith- OLB- Western Kentucky- Had an eye-popping performance against Alabame in which he abused first rounder DJ Fluker. Coming off a torn ACL so theres obvously some risk there, but you can't get enough pass rushers and why not take a talented guy like this in the 6th round?

6b. Marcus Davis- WR- Virginia Tech- A physical specimen at the wide receiver position that can be a true deep threat that we need. Hes tall with good speed, great leaping ability and ball skills. Suffered from poor Qb play this past season and I think hes a vastly underrated prospect and could have a similar type impact that aldrick robinson had for the redskins this past season.

Only thing that might be bothersome is that 5 of the top 7 picks have either injury or character flags. But I definitely like the mock. Seems fairly realistic too, but who knows this year. It's really a crapshoot trying to peg where guys 20-90 are going to go.
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Damn, love it.Sign me up.
well we need DL and CB so good job
Not a bad mock
I'd be down. Love Hayden. Would prefer David Amerson over Philip Thomas as our free safety as I think he has more upside, but Thomas is definitely the safer pick.
Good call comparing Jones and Reyes. I wanted us to take Reyes last year to be Justin eventual successor. Datone is quite a bit lighter, so there is work to do in the weight room, but I see him in much the same way as Reyes.The only question is whether he will still be there. I like the Thomas pick as well,good job.
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I've seen 500 drafts with every player which means according to all webzine drat crushes, we will not draft most of these players
That's a great mock, Krab. I'd like to see Jenkins instead of Hughes, though...especially after losing all that weight. But, I love the DE NT/DT tandem...that sets up our secondary to make a ton of plays, like they did in 2011. I'm with ya on Phillip Thomas...all the hype for the others and PT was outstanding his senior season, leading the country w/8 picks, solid tackler, excellent coverage skills, exactly the kind of ballhawk Harbaugh would love. I'm glad you included Marcus Davis...I've been drooling at his potential. Put up very good numbers on a QB-challenged VA Tech team. Well done, man!
A nice mock, the strength of this draft is the mid first to the third. That's why most of the mocks on the Zone have been so good. If the 49ers don't deal and wait, they'll have quality players available.

Replace the best player on the team next year?
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
A nice mock, the strength of this draft is the mid first to the third. That's why most of the mocks on the Zone have been so good. If the 49ers don't deal and wait, they'll have quality players available.

This is interesting because I've been saying all along instead of the niners trading up in the first, i would like to see them trade some of the later picks for an extra 2nd or 3rd. This draft is so deep its ridiculous
Wow from jones to Jenkins I would love that draft
Love this, good work. Love them all pretty much, if half of those guys are with us I'd be happy.
One of the best mock's I've seen...9 out of 10. Find a way to get Mathieu in there and I'd give it a 10.
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