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what positions would you address with our first 4 picks ?

I generally agree with you, but that big, chain moving target for Kaepernick could be a WR.

So I'd say:


The CB should be somebody that can play man-to-man with a quick slot receiver. We need an answer for Percy Harvin that is better than Carlos Rogers.
I wont pretend to guess about the inner workings of Baalke... he's off on his own little world.

I think we really could use D-Line help, Secondary help, and a big WR (assuming we don't restructure Boldin)
Yep...DL, S, TE, CB...not necessarily in that order. It wouldn't break my heart if the first 4 included two FS and a SS, since Whitner's in the last yr of his contract. But, having signed Dahl, he could well end up as our SS in 2014, too.
Draft the best player, not the best position
1st round= DT 2nd= CB, then trade Rogers for a 2nd Rounder and pickup TE then with your 3rd pick in the 2nd RD you pickup a S. We would have to sign Nmandi before trading Rogers.
I doubt we'd get a 2nd for Rogers. The most he'd be worth is a 5th or 6th
Originally posted by Rgonelove:

I like this but I'd switch Jesse Williams and Reid.

1. TE Eifert
2. Trade down Buffalo 41 DE MARGUS HUNT
2 S Reid
3 WR Darick Rogers
3 NT B.Williams
1. Safety
2. DE
3. CB
4. WR
Our secondary was already arguably our too priority, but with the loss of TheHawk. I don't get how most of y'all don't feel the same. To be honest, NT isn't even a position of need IMO. So after the S, I'd look for a disruptive DE as backup, eventual replacement for RayMac or Cowboy. I've heard we have been interested in the big bodied David Amerson of NCstate. I think he's like a late 2nd to early third. So I go there after.
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It all depends... if we don't pick up anymore free agents for the defense, then I would like to see this:

1. DE
2. FS
3. NT
4. CB

BUT if we can still get Nnamdi or Antoine Winfield and one DE (Israel Idonije, John Abraham or Richard Seymour), then I wouldn't mind this

1. FS
2. TE
3. WR
4. DE/DT
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Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
I know our draft order could change , but if we stood pat and kept our first 4 draft picks as is , which positions would you address?

heres mine..

1. NT or DE .....a disruptive D-Lineman would do our team a world of good

2. TE ....Grabbing another big chain moving target for Kap would make our redzone offense more effective

2. FS .... this is where we could grab our starting FS , lot of talented FS prospects in the draft

3. CB .... a fast aggressive CB to run with WR's on the outside would make our defense to pass against

Just my 2 cents ...what about you guys?

I'm on board with this. A good DE could keep J. Smith healthy and more fresh or maybe beat out Ray Mac. In reading about the draft, nobody really agrees on top corners or safety after Vacarro and Milliner so unless we trade up for one of them we can find these positions in the 2nd round.

I do think you're placing too high a value on the 2nd TE position. Walker had about 350 yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 fumble last year. That was probably his best year with us. Maybe we can replace that in later rounds. I would probably put FS and CB as higher needs. We lost Goldson who was "All Pro" and we have Culliver who got abused pretty bad in the post season.

It's hard to say though...I mean losing J. Smith and Aldon to injury in the post season would be like losing Crabtree and V. Davis to injury. If that had happened then everybody would be wanting top picks spent on receivers. So, really, it just depends on who can stay healthy and I wouldn't mind a great receiver or TE in the first, especially if they do returns as well.
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