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Tavon Austin in the 1st

Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Originally posted by amg1713:
If we not only take Austin, but trade up for him, it would speak worlds, to me, at how fast the front office has lost faith in AJ Jenkins.

I agree with this 1000%. We better not take Austin or I'll be teed off for a long time. We need DeeLine and CBs!! I would literally use our 1st 3 picks on either Cbs and Delinemen no doubt!!! Then i'd use a late 3rd or a 4th on a nice WR prospect and hope that Jenkins develops. Austin to me is gonna be flop city in the NFL, he'll get pummeled unless he was to play for a team that uses the 99'Lambs Gretaest Show on Turf offense.

Ya cuz u know more than balke And harbaugh.... Dline we can get late in the draft...dnt draft for need draft best pos avail
Crabtree and Jenkins are no 1 picks. We're giving boldin six mil. Manningham ain't nothing to sneeze at and I really think Williams is gonna do something for us. No we don't need Austin no matter how sexy he seems. Alex got us to the nfccc with Brett swain . We're fine at wideout unless its a total steal
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