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Idaho's Last Mock, trades included.

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:

Thought you might like that.

IMO this addresses every need minus kicker.

Also sets us up with with a couple extra pics next season to play with.

We address NT, the secondary, and WR primarily, while bringing in projects at RB, DE, OLB, OT.

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Originally posted by pahlerbj:

Is that a good reaction or bad reaction?
Where is the kicker from Florida State?
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Where is the kicker from Florida State?

Left him out on this one, and feeling the rage.

We do need a kicker, and that was the one spot i didnt address.
No longer need a Kicker,

Draft stands, the only other option i would change would be Knile Davis instead of Lattimore if he lasts to round 4, but its unlikely IMO. I think he is a third rounder.
4 2nd round picks would be sick!
Uummm we traded our 1dt round N got what nothing in my eyes we have 2 2nd round picks N 2 3rd round picks so what did we gain
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