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My 49ers Mock Draft

Here's a scenario for the upcoming draft for the team. I know there will be trades but I'm just going to ignore the trade scenarios for now.

1st Round
Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

2nd Round
Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern

3rd Round
Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

3rd Round
Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International

4th Round
Cornellius Carradine, DE, Florida State

5th Round
Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State

5th Round
Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

6th Round
Cameron Lawrence, OLB, Mississippi State

6th Round
Brandon Kaufman, WR, Eastern Washington

7th Round
Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA

7th Round
Jordan Rodgers, QB, Vanderbilt

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I could live with that
I like this draft a lot, not sure if Trufant will be there, he also had a very good Senior Bowl but I would move up a bit to get him. Same goes with Cyprien but if this is how our draft ends up I'll be very happy. Love your first five picks, nice job! Some very high upside in rounds 2-4.
I would not be mad if this draft happens.
This would be a solid draft in my eyes. Well done
If these prospects were to fall as you have it? This would make for a happy draft.

(though Cameron Lawrence would have to play as an ILB... and even that feels like an odd fit)
yea nice mock i just don't see some of these folks being around at these picks
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I really like the Trufant pick. I've been reading a lot of hype on Cyprien I don't think he falls there unless he does something stupid
Lol i wonder what Aaron Rodgers would think if we drafted his brother Jordan
Good job wouldn't be mad if this happened....

Looks good, we just need to pick the best DT or CB left at our spot because the need is fairly equal with our aging D-line and our lack of shutdown corners, except for Rogers.
Hunter is going early second at the very latest. I think he goes in the first though.
And Fauria is probably going late 4th early 5th.
This draft would be great though.
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nice thinking but we have 14 picks 12333455667777
Originally posted by Rgonelove:
nice thinking but we have 14 picks 12333455667777

That's assuming we get those comp picks. Hasn't been announced yet.
yea comp picks will prob be a 4th and two 7ths......I don't think we get a 3rd for Snyder or Manningham would cancle out the Morgan deal since they were so similar.....But I like Trufant.....Is there a little Irony in picking Jordan Rodgers??? haha
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