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On a Scale of 1 - 5, How much do you want the 49ers to take a QB early next year?

On a Scale of 1 - 5, How much do you want the 49ers to take a QB early next year?

Vince Young or Leinert
  • dj43
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If the FO feels they need to draft a QB on the first day it will be a major setback for the team. It will mean Smith is not the answer nor do they feel Kaepernick is either. You just cannot waste two high picks (plus the one they spent to move up for Kaep) on the same position in such a short time frame and remain competitive. The FO has missed the mark if they have to pick another QB. Of course, there is a lot of season remaining.

This team needs a speedy, tall wideout and a pass rusher a lot more than they need another QB.
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IMO I don't think we need to waste a pick this up coming draft on a QB..I'm just curious to see how Smith does with three years in the same system will he finally own it and take charge of it?? Like others have said on this post we'll have to wait to see the out come of this season to really get a better perspective on were Coach is leaning towards though..
If Alex doesn't improve I don't think it would be a waste to draft a QB in the 3rd or later. Coach likes competition, competition breeds success. Kaep isn't going to be given the team. He has to win that job and prove he can hold off any challengers.
If Alex has reached his ceiling, its going to be a battle between tolzein and kaepernick. We have more needs than qb
Originally posted by jreff22:

this. absolutely zero.
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Unless there are drastic (coaching/philosophy) changes coming for 2013, I can't see a reason why we would draft another QB. Quarterbacks playing within this schema wont be taking contested down field shots consistently.
CK and Tolzien will have another season with this system under their belts , we wont need a QB , unless there is an injury...or if Alex becomes extremely ineffective and loses games on his own ....but his record the last 25 games indicates that might not happen.

and we cant base any decisions on Alex having big stat games , this team will rarely pass for 300+ yards ...our power rushing attack will limit what we can do passing, big numbers in the passing game will only happen when we are forced into being a pass first offense .

but if we do draft a QB, it will probably be in the 5th round or higher ...basically creating competition for the #3 Job ...but as of right now, Tolzien has the experience in this system to take on all challengers for that spot

UDFA QB fodder.
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Would really love to take Aaron Murray if we ever had a shot at him.
ck is already on our oster and alex is winning games
If there is an injury to any of the niners qb's, then a qb in rounds 2 or 3 is an option. If Smith, CK7 and Tolzien are healthy, a qb should be considered in round 6 and 7, assuming they might make it to the PS and or give Tolzien competition.
With Alex as young as he is and Tolzien and Kaep even younger, I don't believe there is any need at all for a QB to be taken in the 2013 draft. Definitely a "1" if not an absolute "0".
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