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What strategy do you use for next year's draft?

What strategy do you use for next year's draft?

It's early and obviously a lot will change based on how players play this year and who we sign/let go of in free agency next year but just for fun what's your strategy for next year's draft. We will ignore comp picks for now. Here is a description of the options:

Option 1. Use All 11 Picks:
Even if we end up having to cut good player use all 11 picks and let them battle it out in camp and see how it all plays out at the end of the pre-season.

Option 2. Trade Our 1st, 2nd and 2 3rds for Early to Mid 1st Rounder
Get a potential superstar despite losing out on 3 other solid players. We are good enough we only need to fill a few holes. Go for a super star instead of quality depth and use rounds 4-7 for depth

Option 3. Use the extra 3rd, 5th, 6 and 7 to move up from late in rounds to early in rounds.
Example give up both 3rds to go from late in the round to early in the 3rd. Or use the extra 5th, etc to move up from late in the 4th to early in the 4th. Use the extra 6 plus our 6 to move from late to early in the 6th. Doesn't mean you have to do it in every round. Results in less picks/players but we get better quality depth while still keeping our 1st, 2nd and potentially 3rd rounders.

Option 4.
Similar to what we did this year. Use most of our picks but also move down picking up extra picks for next year. Means less players this year but provides picks for depth/starters in the future and possibly allows us to replace players with upcoming expiring contracts.
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Having two first rounders is always great so trade our 2nd and 2 3rd rounders to shoot back into the pick 20 to 25 range. We could have needs at OG/C that could net us the top guy at that position at 32nd overall and we could land a great safety or Nose tackle at the other first round pick.

This team is too stacked to bring in 5 guys drafted 5th round or later so trade up again. It already looks like both our OLB's drafted last april might never play for us. Turn the 11 or 12 picks into 5 to 7 solid ones. Remember we are picking closer to the end of all these rounds except for the picks we picked up in trades. Trade up into the 1st for two 1st rounders, then trade the two 5ths and a 7th for a 3rd rounder.
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Still early but I'm surprised at 4/5 votes to use our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Carolina's 3rd for a early-mid 1st round pick. I think we could get 4 really quality backups/future starters. Not sure what we would use it on either. Unless Goldson doesn't sign is there one area that will be dire next year? Wouldn't use a pick that early on OL... RB will be fine... TE are fine... WRs with Crabtree, Jenkins and Manningham under contract next year might seem like too much to trade up for a WR and select one in the 1st 2 years in a row... maybe QB but not sure it's necessary with Colin and Josh.... depends on how they would do this pre season. As for defense I think Justin can go at least 2-3 more years... not sure I would trade up to get a NT if Sopoaga and RJF left in FA.... LB is fine... CB to me is fine for at least 2-3 more years.

Really only area would be if Goldson doesn't sign IMO... still that's a lot to give up for a safety unless they are a Ed Reed, Polamalu (sp?), Sean Taylor prospect. We could probably get a good one at the end of teh 1st.
Pretty early to say (obviously), but either of the middle options works best for me. We don't really need that many rookies in the next draft.

I'd probably stay put with our late 1st and then start packaging picks to get back up into the late 1st or early 2nd. Just depends on the prospects sitting in the late teens for whether I'd want to move up, and I can't really know that till we are sitting around in 2013 and researching prospect values.
Interesting post.

Hard to say and obviously will depend on how the season turns out.

We're pretty deep right now and if we're able to keep most of our players then I'd package lower round picks to move up and get high quality players to groom to eventually replace our high caliber players who are getting up in years like Justin. I feel we need to find and develop them sooner rather than later. I consider this an "A" priority. Last season our D was THE difference and we need to keep it going.
It's early, but option 3 sounds best. Use those picks to move up & snag someone that's falling.

I haven't looked at who is leaving next year, but l doubt we'll have room for 11 rookies on the roster. I hope Baalke gets aggressive.
i think the smartest thing to do is get as many early picks as possibly
at this pint we odnt need depth just starters

imo after this year we may need a superstar WR and alex will "demand" a big target similar to moss

keenen allen and hunter come to mind or my personal favorite Wilson unfortunately though allen and wilson will be a top 10 pick
(most likely) hunter will also be a high pick if he bounces back from his injury year last year

NT DE also TE may also be needs
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I would go for early quality and use about the same number mid to late picks to move up at top of the draft/trade for future picks.

Could see moving up in first for a center or safety. So based on how the Niners have drafted the past couple years that is exactly what we won't do.
I say a mix of options 3 and 4. The Niners do not have a lot of holes right now, but next year things could change. There may be holes at WR, FS, OL, DL, and QB (......yes I mean Alex Smith). The Niners should also end up with two comp picks from the Josh Morgan and Adam Snyder free agent defections which will give them 13 picks. I think that Baalke has proved that he is willing to look at all options and move up (A. Davis) or move down (1 - 3rd round pick turns into 4 picks and Looney) to get exactly who they want. The Niners are in a perfect position to pull an RG3 style trade to get someone early that they really covet (DL, QB, or WR) and still have plenty of picks for the positions they don't want to invest to much on (C or FS).
we'll have the fist pick, so I say we try to trade down.

try and earn pick 32
There will be holes to fill and there will be areas of strength to be had in that particular draft. I would expect Baalke to be covering both of these. But I think I would like to see some high future picks being salted away.
depends on who leaves and retires
BPA...if there's someone we really up
Not sure too early, but thinking 2nd or 3rd option
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