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if bruce irvin and aj jenkins both on board for niners pick at #30 in rd 1.

I think it would have been Irvin. I don't believe that corny envelope story for a second.

We wanted Irvin at #30, Seahawks snagged him at #15.
Rams wanted Jenkins at #33, we took at #30.

Simple as that. I haven't lost faith in Jenkins like most people. Sometimes, players are just overwhelmed as rookies. If he struggles in training camp to make a name, I'll move on, but I think he can be a good #3 for us.
Irvin, easily! We didnt particularly need him, but we still brought him in. He has that Von Miller type of quickness off the line.
That is why you don't have cameras in your war room where teams can possibly see your draft board and gain an advantage. I'm glad there are no cameras this year.
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