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What grade would you give the 49ers for the 2012 Draft?

What grade would you give the 49ers for the 2012 Draft?

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Simple poll. Just curious to see what the fans think.
deja vu
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

This is stupid, you're trying to grade a bunch of people before they take the test.
Originally posted by susweel:
deja vu

All over again

Even if Kendill is better than Gire

Added fast and talented offensive skill players that will help immediatly on 3rd down. Addressed the OG and OC needs in the middle rounds (exactly whereyou find the best value for those positions). Added depth on defense in the later rounds. I even like the UDFA additions.

I think this draft will prove to be a great one.
I'm really pleased with this draft.

I loved all the excitement with us trading back, and stock piling for next year. Trent seems to be a really good GM.

I don't know a lot about the guys taken after 4th round, but the more I read the more it looks like we got great value.

Time will tell.

F. they didn't get luck, claiborn, kalil, or blackmon. the worst draft evar.

Before I give a grade, can somebody tell me how James is different than Hunter? Physically, they appear to be clones.
Jenkis and Looney - OK , but not sterling selections . Are we loading up for 2013, so we can move up to possibly select Barkley or Jooes? Neither Colin Kaepernick , nor Alex Smith is a top NFL QB..
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Give the draft a B+, only because I really wanted Alfonzo Dennard with the 6th round pick.

B for the picks
A+ for working the draft for more picks.
As a rule of thumb, as long as the team addresses it's needs with decent value, I always give them a B. Then depending on play it will go up or down a slot.
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