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More Surprising: A.J. or LaMichael?

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Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Both! these are my least favorite moves in this draft!

That's too bad. Going to suck for you when both those cats start moving chains and scoring TDs. So when we're all cheering and jumping out of our seats by the new excitement, you can sit quietly and reminesce just how bad these two picks were on your draft board.

You know I'm messin' with ya, but curious why they're your least fav. Is it because you deem them as reaches?

IMO, these were home frickin' runs, baby especially James!

It's the type of speed they bring. Jenkins, unlike Hill, has the speed and route running ability. He gains separation quickly in and out of breaks plus has much better hands than Crabs plus he can be moved anywhere a WR sets, X, Y AND Z, as Harbaugh said scheme diverse. He on the outside and in the slot will cause problems as he can blow the top of the secondary and force those damn safeties out of the box.

And that's were James comes in on 3rd downs. He will be a 3rd down specialist while dispelling Gore at times. He can screen, split wide or even play slot, but where I see him exploding is behind the pulls. He can burst through just like Gore, but has the speed to finish it. As much as I love Gore, he seems to get tackled from behind frequently. After watching his highlights, I can say with all my faith that this kid takes a five yard run into 15 more at least if not a home run to the EZ.
Time and time again, I'm like, "WTF! How'd he do that?" and not just once either. He just kept doing it and against some stiff competition like LSU and Stanford.

Hmmmmm....last year we had

Crabtree, Morgan, Ginn, Williams, Swain, and Hastings. Now...Crabtree, Moss, Manningham, Jenkins, Ginn, Williams, and Owusu.

Gore, Hunter, Dixon. Now...Gore, Hunter, James, Hampton, Cartwright AND Jacobs...

What incredible upgrades and we will not be able to keep all of them so the competition is going to be fierce.

Yup, both surprising at all level, but the correct choices it seems.

In Baalke, I trust!
I just keep thinking of Harbaugh's last season at Stanford--when his teams just killed opponents, just crushed them.

Add some high octane to last year's offense, to go along with a dominating defense and ST.

This is going to be fun to watch!
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I was more surprised we took a RB in the second.


i was expecting G or DE
Same here, I thought since we liked the value we got with hunter in the 3rd last year we might go for another rb around there. Niners are obviously more comfortable with kilgore than we expected.

I really was too. I wanted Turbin in the 3rd, still happy with it tho because LMJ ia considered to be a gamebreaker player, besides Vernon Davis, we truly lack that on offense. but yes, those are the words that immediately came out of my mouth..after saying "WTF" lol, Kilgore must be ready. My thing all weekend has been: What does A.J Jenkins bring to the table that we dont have in Crabtree, Williams and Manningham? Well Jenkins has Crabtree's hands(actually bigger than crabtree's), Manninghams height, and Williams' speed. So im guessing what he really brings is..the option to make other players expendable?
Originally posted by Evilgenius:
Gore really wasn't that good last year. I don't think the team has as much confidence in him as some of our fan base does.

Did a nice job blocking mostly, horrible receiving and left a lot of yards on the field running without creating many on his own.

If we had taken a RB in the first I don't think I would have been very surprised (except that the value for RB's usually isn't in the first round).

I think Gore's lack of production in the receiving game hurt a lot, time after time the ball hit him in the hands and wasn't caught, I think the 49ers wanted another versatile threat that can run or catch, especially someone to attack blitz-happy teams like the Ravens and Cardinals with, James is that guy.
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
I think the take away is Harbaalke don't believe in an every down back.

Based on what I've seen from Harbaugh from his coaching days at Stanford till when he was with the 49ers, I think the idea that Harbaugh prefers a power run game is complete BS. What Harbaugh loves is to create mis matches. He built the power run game at Stanford because everyone in the PAC was going with smaller and quicker defenses to compete against Oregon's O. Not to mention, Harbaugh couldn't recruit guys like DeAnthony Thomas or speed backs because all the bigger schools were going hard at them.

Harbaugh is a coach willing to think out of the box (but not recklessly) to create mismatches. My 2 cents is, he felt handcuffed in the variety of looks/mismatches he could create with the limited speed we had at skill positions.

Gore will be 29 next season with 2 years left on his contract. Last year he touched the ball the most times since 2007, and honestly I think ti really showed down the stretch. He didn't rush for over 100 yards past early November and after early November, I thought he visibly looked different then from what he looked early on in the year. Often he couldn't finish drives and spent time standing on the sidelines.

I expect Gore to get let go when his contract expires. LaMike/Hunter will be splitting touches and used in a variety of different way and in different formations which is Harbaugh's game.

I think everybody expected the Niners to take a RB NEXT YEAR to get the replacement of Gore. But obviously Baalke felt LaMike was a top RB that fit the scheme that Harbaalke wanted to use moving forward in the future. LaMike can line up as a WR and we all know how much Harbaugh loves to motion into a different look offense after lining up. Hell, Harbaugh may have drafted LaMike because he got excited he will have a dozen more crazy motions to do!

Well in todays nfl you need a stable of good backs because your starters are going to go down, and it's better to keep guys fresh anyway.
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