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Potential Trade Partners

Using the quality vs. quantify this year, I prefer just five picks this year.
1. Still trade out of first round, but then convert it and later selections to get 4 picks in rounds 2-3. Select OG, DT/NT, WR, FS.
2. If OG is Baalke's priority, stay pat and pick either Silatolu (may fit with his recent remarks) or Zeitler
3. If Fleener is the priority, trade 3rd rounder to Pittsburgh for 24th overall
Originally posted by paulk205:
I honestly don't get all this "trade down" rationale. It's going to be tough for draftees to make the 53- much less the 46-man gameday squad as it is. What are we going to do with the extra picks? I think that we will either stay put and strictly draft BPA or, in case someone we fancy starts slipping, jump up to the early 20 or even late teens to nab him. That's why I've been wondering who are possible trade partners.

I also don't believe that Fleener will be there at 30. This is a copycat league and everybody wants the next Gronkowski. Not to mention that he's been so much connected with us as a possible pick (including the college connection), that I can easily see people trying to jump us to get him. Don't be shocked if you read his name next to the word "reach" in the reports afterwards.
My trade down scenario is not based on the 1st round talent, its based on upgrading the 2nd or third.

I would LOVE to trade with Cleveland

San Fran Trades:


That leaves the Niners with:
2/37 (from Clev)
3/67 (from Clev)

That gives the Niners plenty of ammo to move up in the later rounds if they see someone they like
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