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Pre Free Agency Mock

I can see us not taking a dt or olb. Guard is the question mark for me.

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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
For the most part I like it.

Really like Fleener and Turbin picks.

I feel we can do much better than Sanu in the 2nd. The reasoin is speed, I don't feel he has enough of it. I like Quick [no pun intended]

Sanu's way more polished then Quick, I believe our main problems was a redzone target and converting on 3rd downs. Well VJ, Sanu, and Fleener will cure those issues. If not then we'll know its Alex. For me I think we'd be crazy to take Quick over Sanu with our 2nd pick but to each his own there.
I'm simply not a fan of taking any TE at 30.
Fleener will help in the red zone more than Hill. Hill is a speed junky because his route running and coming out of breaks is poor. He will help between the 20's. Maybe look for a former tall basketball player for the red zone in the later rounds. somebody like Harold Carmichael back in the day. I think he was like 6' 8"?
I certainly can see your thinking with the FA signings and draft, Driftwood...


I can certainly see the Niners passing on Rogers (or at least letting him test the market)... Many folks are saying that Rogers won't get a great deal because of his age and will end up returning to SF on a 3 year deal... We'll see. Personally, I would like to see him return.
If he bolts, the Niners will have to find a quick CB to cover the opponents' slot receiver so whomever they get, he has to be quick and really good in coverage. They found Rogers last year and I'm sure they have a Plan B or even Plan C in place in case Rogers signs elsewhere. Probably not a big concern.

What I can't see is the team signing either V Jackson or Ross....both will be too expensive and Baalke has proven he won't overpay for any one player. With so many high end FA wideouts already tagged, Jackson will command a huge contract (and he's already 29 years old). Ross will cost the team more than resigning Rogers so that is probably not an option at all. If Morgan bolts, I can see the Niners signing 2 mid-range a possession type/good downfield blocker and the other a speed/return guy. your draft...

Love the Fleener, Turbin, Adams, and Pellerin picks.....realistic and will definitely be good contributors. Like some others, not crazy about the Sanu pick and I also don't think Thompson will even be there when the Niners pick in the fifth round.

My biggest problem with your draft is not going after a DLman. I know you mentioned that you think the team has enough depth already. I would respectfully disagree....both R McDonald and J Smith played virtually every snap last season so some quality depth is definitely needed at the DE position. This draft is exceptionally deep with good DLmen and I'm sure Baalke is aware of that and will take one fairly early in the draft (first 3 rounds)...

I would much prefer getting J Crick in the second round. He would provide great depth and would also be a great value since before he lost his last year in college to injury, he was considered a first round pick. He has a great motor, good talent, and loves the game. He has "Harbaugh guy" written all over him. Plus, he would be mentored by J Smith and could eventually replace him in a couple of years. I would even trade up to get him in the second if it were required.

Getting an OLB prospect is also likely in the later rounds when great athletes from small schools can be found at that position.

Nice job overall....

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This draft = Ring 6.
thank nw for the feedback. I can see if we grab a couple free agent wr's that we'd take crick in the 2nd. I though about adding Derek Wolfe in there at some point in the mid rounds.
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