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Pre Free Agency Mock

There are obvious St's guys that need to be signed but here's my try at a good offseason from here on out. I think by not signing Carlos Rogers to a huge deal tells me they may go after the big wr, either Jackson or Colston.

Resign - Morgan, Snyder, Constanzo, Gooden, Grant(RFA tag), Smith, (Goldson, Brooks, Spillman signed)

Cut/Let Walk

Outside Free Agents
Vincent Jackson-WR, Aaron Ross-CB, More then likely a Safety of some mannor.

1. Coby Fleener TE Stanford
2. Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers ( once a later 1st round pick, its not gonna happen now mid to late 2nd is where he'll land now)
3. Robert Turbin RB Utah State (HulkMode bye-bye Boobie Dixon)
4. Joe Adams KR/WR Arkansas (didnt blaze at the combine so I dont think he's budged much in terms of moving up or down the board)
5. Micah Pellerin CB Hampton
6. Kelcie McCray SS Ark. St. We're losing Williams and Smith so we'll need a couple safeties.
7. Christian Thompson FS South Carolina State- Ran well at the combine should get drafted at this point.

Thought about Dline a bit but Im solid with RJF,Dobbs, and Williams they're all very good athletes. We may pick up another OLB if its FA, or UDFA's I can see a couple being there for camp. The end result is we have 3 very solid OLB's and not much room for a young guy to make an impact at that position. This offseason really brings the offense more on par with the defense. Should actually make the defense even better not being on the field near as much with this lineup.
I'll image alot of people will try to trade out Turbin for another Guard. Im expecting Person Kilgore and Beeler to make strides and no use of wasting a year of experience under Harbaughs system. Might not have to draft 2 safeties if the team like McGree on our PS. So possibly a late round player could be swapped for Thompson or McCray.

Flame away.
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should this be someplace else
wrong forum sir
sorry bro.
i like everything except sanu in the 2nd. Id rather grab a CB there cuz rogers will be gone and ross is average at best.
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
i like everything except sanu in the 2nd. Id rather grab a CB there cuz rogers will be gone and ross is average at best.

Think Ross could do better in our system ala Rogers last season. I thought about Housley in the 2nd in place or Sanu. then you'd be looking at 5th round wr which I could deal with if we get Vincent Jackson as a free agent.
i like
For the most part I like it.

Really like Fleener and Turbin picks.

I feel we can do much better than Sanu in the 2nd. The reasoin is speed, I don't feel he has enough of it. I like Quick [no pun intended]
I want Turbin so I can start calling him the Turbinator

Fleener won't happen at 30.
hopefully a draft/FA like this will dramatically turn around our offense.
Thompson won't be around in the 7th round.....I've got him in the mid to late 5th right now. Turbin most likely will go in the early-mid 3rd round.
Originally posted by 9ersLiferInChicago:
Fleener won't happen at 30.

You shut your damn mouth!!!!

i really dont see us going the whole draft without taking a gaurd, DT or OLB
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