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AB's 1st 2012 Collaborative Webzone Mock - Picks Thread - NE(49ersalldaway126) OTC


AFC East- 49ersalldaway126
NFC West- Vrabitt
NFC North- AB
AFC North- BoiseNiner
AFC West- Communist
NFC East- TexasNiner
NFC South- m_brockalexander
AFC South- jimmy49erfan

Round 1.

1. Colts(Jimmy49erfan) - QB Andrew Luck, Stanford
2. Rams(vrabbit) - OT Matt Kalil, USC
3. Vikings(AB) - WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State
4. Browns(BoiseNiner) - QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor
5. Buccaneers(m_brockalexander) - CB Morris Claiborne, LSU
6. Redskins(TexasNiner) - RB Trent Richardson, Alabama
7. Jaguars(Jimmy49erfan) - DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina
8. Dolphins(49ersalldaway126) - OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama
9. Panthers(m_brockalexander) - DT Devon Still, Penn State
10. Bills(49eralldaway126) - OLB Whitney Mercilus, Illinois
11. Chiefs(communist) - OT Riley Reiff, Iowa
12. Seahawks(vrabbit) - ILB Vontaze Burfict, Arizona State
13. Cardinals(vrabbit) - OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford
14. Cowboys(TexasNiner) - CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama
15. Eagles(TexasNiner) - ILB Luke Kuechly, Boston College
16. Jets(49ersalldaway126) - WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
17. Bengals(BoiseNiner) - OG David DeCastro, Stanford
18. Chargers(Communist) - OLB Nick Perry, USC
19. Bears(AB) - ILB Dont'a Hightower, Alabama
20. Titans(jimmy49erfan) - WR Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina
21. Bengals(BoiseNiner) - CB Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska
22. Browns(BoiseNiner) - WR Kendall Wright, Baylor
23. Lions(AB) - OLB Zach Brown, North Carolina
24. Steelers(BoiseNiner) - OG Cordy Glenn,, Georgia
25. Broncos(Communist) - DT Michael Brockers, LSU
26. Texans(jimmy49erfan) - NT Alameda Ta'amu, Washington
27. Patriots(49ersalldaway126) - CB Janoris Jenkins, Northern Alabama
28. Packers(AB) - S Mark Barron, Alabama
29. Giants(TexasNiner) - C/OG Peter Konz, Wisconsin
30. Ravens(BoiseNiner) - DE/OLB Melvin Ingram, South Carolina
31. 49ers(vrabbit) - WR Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers
32. Patriots(49ersalldaway126) - OLB Vinny Curry, Marshall

Round 2.

33. Rams(vrabbit) - WR Dwight Jones, North Carolina
34. Colts(jimmy49erfan) - RB Lamar Miller, Miami(Fla.)
35. Vikings(AB) - CB Stephen Gilmore, South Carolina
36. Buccaneers((m_brockalexander) - RB David Wilson, Virginia Tech
37. Browns(BoiseNiner) - DE Andre Branch, Clemson
38. Jaguars(jimmy49erfan) - DE Jared Crick, Nebraska
39. Redskins(TexasNiner) - QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M
40. Panthers(m_brockalexander) - OT Mike Adams, Ohio State
41. Bills(49ersalldaway126) - WR Tommy Streeter, Miami(Fla.)
42. Dolphins(49ersalldaway126) - TE Dwayne Allen, Clemson
43. Seahawks(vrabbit) - NT Dontari Poe, Memphis
44. Chiefs(communist) - NT Josh Chapman, Alabama
45. Cowboys(TexasNiner) - CB Chase Minnifield, Virginia
46. Eagles(TexasNiner) - DT Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State
47. Jets(49ersalldaway126) - OLB Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma
48. Patriots(49ersalldaway126) - S Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State
49. Chargers(communist) - CB Jamell Flemming, Oklahoma
50. Bears(AB) - WR Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech
51. Eagles(TexasNiner) - OG/OT Kelechi Osemele, Iowa State
52. Titans(jimmy49erfan) - CB Casey Hayward, Vanderbilt
53. Bengals(BoiseNiner) - RB Doug Martin, Boise State
54. Lions(AB) - CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech
55. Falcons(m_brockalexander) - OG Kevin Zietler, Wisconsin
56. Steelers(BoiseNiner) - CB Josh Norman, Coastal Carolina
57. Broncos(communist) - OG Brandon Washington, Miami(Fla.)
58. Texans(jimmy49erfan) - S Winston Guy Jr., Memphis
59. Saints(m_brockalexander) - OLB Bruce Irvin, West Virginia
60. Packers(AB) - DT Brandon Thompson, Clemson
61. Giants(TexasNiner) - OLB Sean Spence, Miami(Fla.)
62. Ravens(BoiseNiner) - ILB Bobby Wagner, Utah State
63. 49ers(vrabbit) - TE Coby Fleener, Stanford
64. Patriots(49ersalldaway126) - WR Rueben Randle, LSU

Round 3.

65. Colts(jimmy49erfan) - TE Orson Charles, Georgia
66. Rams(vrabbit) - DT Jerel Worthy, Michigan State
67. Vikings(AB) - OT/OG Nate Potter, Boise State
68. Browns(BoiseNiner) - OT Zebrie Sanders, Florida State
69. Buccaneers(m_brockalexander) - OLB Lavonte David, Nebraska
70. Redskins(TexasNiner) - WR Marvin McNutt, Iowa
71. Jaguars(jimmy49erfan) - WR Juron Criner, Arizona
72. Bills(49ersalldaway126) - WR Nick Toon, Wisconsin
73. Dolphins(49ersalldaway126) - OT Matt Reynolds, BYU
74. Bears(AB) - OG Lucas Nix, Pittsburgh
75. Chiefs(communist) - QB Brock Osweiler, Arizona State
76. Seahawks(vrabbit) - QB Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State
77. Eagles(TexasNiner) - RB Isiah Pead, Cincinnati
78. Jets(49ersalldaway126) - WR Brian Quick, Appalachian State
79. Chargers(communist) - S George Iloka, Boise State
80. Bears(AB) - CB Ryan Steed, Furman
81. Cardinals(vrabbit) - OLB Cam Johnson, Virginia
82. Cowboys(TexasNiner) - C Ben Jones, Georgia
83. Titans(jimmy49erfan) - DE Derek Wolfe, Cincinnati
84. Bengals(BoiseNiner) - DE/DT Kendall Reyes, Uconn
85. Falcons(m_brockalexander) - CB Brandon Boykin, Georgia
86. Lions(AB) - CB Keith Tandy, West Virginia
87. Steelers(BoiseNiner) - ILB Audie Cole, N.C. State
88. Broncos(communist) - CB Trumaine Johnson, Montana
89. Texans(jimmy49erfan) - WR Joe Adams, Arkansas
90. Saints(m_brockalexander) - DT Marcus Forston, Miami(Fla.)
91. Packers(AB) - RB LaMichael James, Oregon
92. Giants(TexasNiner) - TE Ladarius Green, UL-Lafayette
93. Ravens(BoiseNiner) - DE Billy Winn, Boise State
94. 49ers(vrabbit) - OG Brandon Brooks, Miami(Ohio)
95. Patriots(49ersalldaway126) - OLB/DE Frank Alexander, Oklahoma
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How did I miss this????
How do you have the 49ers losing the Super Bowl!!!!!
Originally posted by solidg2000:
How do you have the 49ers losing the Super Bowl!!!!!

i think its done by record/seeding
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by solidg2000:
How do you have the 49ers losing the Super Bowl!!!!!

i think its done by record/seeding

yep. And anyone know where jimmy49erfan is? I pm'd him last night.
colts went on record and im sure the census is andrew luck
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
colts went on record and im sure the census is andrew luck

Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and put Luck as 1st pick.

vrabbit is OTC with STL
as much as I think the Rams needs a play making WR, this year's WR class is amazingly deep.

On the other hand there's only one elite LT IMO, so with the 2nd overall pick the Rams take:

LT - Matt Kalil, USC
Originally posted by vrabbit:
as much as I think the Rams needs a play making WR, this year's WR class is amazingly deep.

On the other hand there's only one elite LT IMO, so with the 2nd overall pick the Rams take:

LT - Matt Kalil, USC

ah damnit, I was gonna take Kalil with 3rd pick.

Ok, with the 3rd pick the Vikings select, WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State.

Will give Minnesota a real #1 WR.

With the 4th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select:

QB Robert Griffin III

No surprise here with a potential franchise QB still on the board with the 4th overall selection for the Browns. Colt McCoy has played decent in spurts; however, the Browns need a big upgrade at the QB position if they are ever going to seriously compete in the strong AFC North. If the Heisman award winning QB falls in their laps at #4, this is a no-brainer.
With the 5th pick of the first round, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

Morris Claiborne CB LSU

This pick is a no brainer. Ronde Barber is well past his prime and Talib is just a thug who will probably end up in jail.
Easy decision for the Bucs.

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With the top QBs of the board and in spite of Shanahan's belief that he can turn a turkey sammich into an NFL running back, the Skins finally address their RB position aggressively and take the BPA, Heisman trophy finalist, and potential franchise changing centerpiece of the offense with:

Alabama, RB, Trent Richardson

[ Edited by TexasNiner on Jan 18, 2012 at 9:40 AM ]
Nice picks, all fit needs for those teams.

Ok, jimmy49erfan is OTC
Jags could go in many different directions(sucks they have to deal with peyton and now luck).
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