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If Harbaugh thinks one of the top QBs can start for the 49ers then he has to take a QB at #7.

Nicely said, Jcool.

The failure of almost every college coach trying to make it in the NFL is directly tied to the QB position.

Jimmy Johnson: 2 Superbowl's, Troy Aikman (HOF)

Steve Spurrier:

2002: Patrick Ramsey 5 starts 2-3 record,Shane Matthews 7 starts 3-4 record, Danny Wuerffel 4 starts 2-2 record OVERALL 7-9

2003: Patrick Ramsey 11 starts 4-7 record, Tim Hasselbeck 5 starts 1-4 record OVERALL 5-11

Nick Saban:

2005: Gus Frerotte 15 starts 9-6 record OVERALL 9-7

2006: Joey Harrington 11 starts 5-6 record, Daunte Culpepper 4 starts 1-3 record OVERALL 6-10

Bobby Petrino:

2007: Joey Harrington 10 starts 3-7 record, Chris Redman 4 starts 1-4 record OVERALL 4-12

oh and if Harbaugh is reading this... Stay away from Joey Harrington!

Good information. I'd also like to add Tom Coughlin who had Mark Brunell.

All coaches are tied to their QB, however if we are honest with ourselves, it's not worth it to take a QB at #7.