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Baalke's One Draft Mistake ...

Originally posted by prometheus:
I like the draft overall but the one factor I like best is of all the picks, I see none of the
McCloughan we got a mercedes but we wound up with a lopsided vw type of pick. None of the rookies seem less then what we expected. The fact we did not pick up a disguised lemon is hard to adjust to since we have been so adept at it for so long.

Not to be a glass half empty kind of guy, you'd best reserve your opinion until TC and beyond. Lots of guys look good at OTA's and suck when the pads go on, or worse, when it's for real.
We didn't know what the 31 other teams were thinking that day.
could have gone either way. I'm sure Baalke got word out that someone wanted to trade up to get Davis or else we would have stood pat.

I didn't like that trade either but we got who we wanted and can't wait til pre season at least!!!
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