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Who do you want in the 2nd and 3rd rounds ?

I want either Nate Allen or Taylor Mays.
I hope no Taylor Mays. I think he's a better 4-3 Will than anything. Think Thomas Davis out of Georgia a few years back.
More offensive linemen. We need to use all of our picks on that position.
Taylor Mays

Great 2nd round value. The question is..... FS or SS?
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sergio kindle.

or a CB or a SS
Nate Allen or Reshad Jones
SS or CB
and NOT Taylor Mays that fool couldn't cover up a anorexic chick
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Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
Taylor Mays

I like the other, older thread about this better. It has more stuff in it.
perrish cox from oklahoma state

i want a defensive player
this guy!

- 98
Sergio Kindle, Terrance Fatboy!!!! Cody, Nate Allen, Taylor Mays(can't believe i said that), or Jimmy Clausen
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