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4 round mock

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I'd really like Dez Bryant to be on our team. Teams with 2 #1 receivers are very hard to stop. I think finding a good running back is easier than a good receiver.

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Originally posted by elguapo:
if we get Dez than Morgan could be our 3rd wr and a very good KR as we all saw at the end of last year....but i see the round 1's as best OT available at 13 and 17 spiller or best safety

Thats a good point with using Morgan as a primary return man.
No on Trent Williams...he's not LT material and Singletary has said a number of times any OT he drafts will need to have that ability. If all the "top" OT's are gone, I'd feel a lot better about Charles Brown, because he can play both positions, is very agile, and is adept at zone blocking. Those are all things OL Coach Solari's looking for. You can forget way he's there to take and I just don't see Coach taking a WR again after getting Crabtree last year. Instead, one of the top CB's, DL, or Iupati would make more sense. No problem w/Hughes...he's an elite PR...the question then becomes can he drop back in coverage. No real problem with the CB or S...although I'm not as convinced as many seem to be that we need another S. Agree, Michael Lewis is playing on borrowed time due to his concussion issues, but Reggie Smith should be ready to take over, and Coach is high on Curtis Taylor.
No way that Major Wright is there in the 4th, but I would be ecstatic if he was.

Covering 2 above average receivers is always easier when the QB is on his back. If we don't address the OT emergency (I am done calling it a problem because it has grown more dire than that) with at least 1 of these picks - I feel we are doomed to wallow in mediocrity for more years to come.

I am ok with Spiller/Bryant at 17 only after an OT is secured.
Originally posted by Reckless:
R1: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

The Offensive line is the biggest issue with this team currently. Williams will provide a young and talented upside, along with Staley, to continue to rebuild the line. If we strategically re-tool the line, the west is ours for a long time. It cant all be put on Williams. The rest of the line has to stay healthy and step up.

R1: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St

I believe if Marshall stays in Denver, the Broncos will pass. The Browns are a possibility but they need a defensive playmaker. So if Bryant makes it into the teens he will be here. I understand there is needs, value, and longshots. I remember a time when I was asked who was the best WR on the team, and that answer was Curtis Conway. If you wan't to wrap Alex Smith in the Question mark factor on this team drafting Bryant and having Crabtree will show if this kid really will make it in the NFL. And if at all he fails, we have 2 dynamic young WRs.

R2: Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

He reminds me of Woodley from the STEELERS. What I like about him is that he isn't a one trick pony. I wanna draft him because he will bring stability to the rush. And more so, I like this formation that is happening with our defense. Where it seems like in the 2010 season you can see our team leader maybe with 10 sacks, but the next guy with 8, then 7, then some tied with 5 to 6. Hughes will bring an immediate impact.

R3: Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida

Corner, IMO, is a huge need. Clements was benched before the injury. I like Brown and his development. Spencer has been under-rated I feel. Spencer had a solid year. I think if Murphy can just get more upper body strength he will be a star. He tackled and hits hard. Always is effective against the run. I know he has hard times against certain routes such as double moves and slants. But knowledge of the game at the NFL level will assist his development.

R4: Major Wright, S, Florida.

I think with NFL maturation, Wright can be our FS for years to come. I think he will be the steal of the draft. I think he will draft because his play fell off. I don't know why or have an answer as to why. I just feel with his ability to run with WR, his ability to hit, and the chance to develop in a 3-4 system he can be the 3-4 version of Bob Sanders.

I really like this mock draft man keep up the good work!
Great Mock,

Now fingers x-ed that Williams, Davis, or Bulaga are available with our first pick.

I think even Alex Smith can be successful with Davis, Crabtree, Bryant, and Morgan. If not, sign me up and i'll play for a rookie salary right now.
i would love it if we could get bryant. if he falls to us he has to be the pick. i like spiller but as far as bang for your buck Bryant will be a starter where Spiller will be behind Gore. they can get a RB/KR/PR later in the draft. maybe even Javid if he falls to our pick in the second. that would be an awesome draft. Bryant, OT, Best. then draft DL depth, CB's and depth in general. our offense would be very scary and our WR corps would be huge and very tough to defend against
I actually love this mock. I hate everyone mocking Spiller to the team as he just doesn't have enough value (running backs are a dime a dozen) and you can pick up a quick RB in late in the draft (one always falls- see Jerome Harrison, Darren Sproles, Steve Slaton, etc...). However, I do think that Alex could use some more weapons, and Dez is a perfect fit. He has as much talent as Crabtree.
However he also has the same character issues (mabye even more). Plus Dez also has Eugene Parker as his agent (but maybe they will now know they cannot play hardball with us).
I doubt Jerry Hughes will still be there, but if he is it would be a dream come true. I could see him going as high as the patriots (need a Rush OLB) or as low as Cleveland in the second. I think the Pats will do te smart thing and trade down and pick up Hughes in the second and some extra picks as well.
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I like it, but i doubt bryant is there at 17. It would be nice to have the best top 3 wrs in the league for the next 5 or 6 years. If hes there i say we pounce on him.
We would dominate.

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