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Logical Mock

Morgan caught 52 passes last year. In only his second year. I stopped reading after you said he was overrated.

Overrated my a$$.
I don't see much of your mock as logical at start out by saying trade the #13 pick. With two 1st rounders mid-round, I see no compelling reason to do anything other than get two of the best players in the country. Your assumption Trent Williams will fall into the 20's is faulty...he'll most likely be long gone, and in fact, could be wearing a Niner cap by then. To be fair, the draft is hard to some past years, OT's have flown off the board early and often...that could be the case again this time. Here's what I know...Singletary missed out on Oher because Crabtree fell to him. It was the right move...however, I don't see Coach waiting this sense is he'll pull the trigger to get his OT with the #13 pick, then use his 2nd one to get BPA, which could realistically be a top CB, RB, or DL. I think it'll be in one of those three areas.

Having said all that, now I'll address your specifics:

- While you may not believe MOrgan is worth keeping his coaches do...he's shown signs of being a legitmate WR, enough so that they're not going to give up on him.

- You may be right about Baas being tendered...but, not sure they'd trade him, since he was a starter last year. They'll draft an OG...I don't see someone like Neal as the answer. Yes, he's still decent, but he's getting to be an older player and definitely not the answer down the road.

- Instead of trading the #13 pick, that's where Singletary gets his guy...I'd say Williams or Bulaga. Some might say that's too early, but again, it depends on how soon and how many OT's are off the board up to that point. The only way I see Coach not getting his OT there is if there are still enough of them on the board to warrant going after BPA at #13. If that's the case, and either Haden or Spiller's there, I'd say one of 'em's the pick.

- With the 2nd 1st rounder, assuming Coach has his OT at #13, it could go in several directions. Most assume both Haden and Spiller will be gone, and I can't really argue with that. If that's true, then one guy I can see Singletary going after is DT Jared Odrick. He'd play LDE for us...and at 6-5, 300 is all the things Balmer (and Sopoaga) haven't been. He plays with attitude and would be a very nice bookend to Justin Smith. His stock will continue to rise in the coming weeks...just wait & see.

- In the 2nd rd, if there's no CB taken in rd 1, this is a great spot to get someone like Perrish Cox. He's a fine all-around CB, has good cover skills and is an excellent tackler.

- 3rd rd, great spot to get an OG...I'm partial to Alabama's Mike Johnson, because he's versatile (played both OG and OT) and played at a national championship level.

- 4th rd is an opportunity to go LB, WR, RB...maybe a S, but with Reggie Smith and Curtis Taylor already on board, I don't see a compelling need to draft another one.

As you say, BPA the rest of the way...
Another way to piss the draft away would be to spend every pick on fuzzy kittens.
Originally posted by Daniel2778:
you think 3 different trades is logical? looool, when have you ever seen that?
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Originally posted by Daniel2778:
you think 3 different trades is logical? looool, when have you ever seen that?

Cleveland last year. New England has also done it. But it's rare.
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