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Mel Kiper's Mock Draft 2.0

I think Spiller fills the gap that we had with our return game after we cut Rossum. It was just a series of guys getting plugged in there and all failing miserably, plus Clements got hurt. He would have a nice option as a gun back, instead of just having a back in their to pass protect and not be any sort of threat.

It's obvious they need a RT. They have some free agents on the line and since Baas and Pashos (and Sims for that matter), they have to grab some OL. Whether it's Williams, who didn't play very well as an LT, or Bulaga, who seems to be be up and down the board, they have to get some talent.

The only only better scenario than Kiper's would be to get someone to trade up and take the second #1, giving us the option of picking an OT later in round one AND getting another pick.

There are so many gaps, you have to go with the BPA, but it would be nice in rounds 2-4 that we get some more help in the secondary and LB core.
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After Russell Okung and Anthony Davis, the offensive tackles take a big dip in talent. If those two guys are gone, I would seriously consider Mike Iupati over the remaining tackles. I think he has the nastiness Singletary is looking for and with the coaching additions of Solari and Brown, he can develop into an elite right tackle. Your thoughts…

I would draft him and play him at guard.

I would too, but not McClaughan. His reluctance to see the value of interior lineman is disturbing and one of the reasons our o-line has struggled. The fact that Iupati could potentially play right tackle is the only way McClaughan would even consider him.

May I also add that I have no confidence in McClaughan’s ability to recognize talent. When Nolan first came to the 49ers and hired him, fixing the o-line was their first priority. They had failed every year since in that capacity.
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