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McShay: Guard Iupati might be a first-round reach for Niners

Originally posted by DesiDez:

The link above shows the earliest drafted guard in the 1st rd.

17 is a perfect spot for Iupati

Damn I was actually right about something....
These supposed draft experts like to make something out of nothing. Who cares what he says?
What McShay should be saying: Guard Iupati might be a first round reach for the Niners, If they are going to try to make a RT out of him but perfect if they maintain his position as a guard.
"I think he can be an absolutely dominant guard" is all I need to hear.
Originally posted by Joecool:
"I think he can be an absolutely dominant guard" is all I need to hear.

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Originally posted by Crazy4Niners:


F**k Todd Mcgay,he's a little F*ggot.
He's a pro bowl guard type in the Steve Hutchison or Larry Allen mold. And he's worth a 1st rounder...
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kiper and mcshay are the worst at these things

Hey McShay!!!

That never gets old for me...
Originally posted by smileyman:
Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by smileyman:
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
f**k it we don't have any beastly guards. Trying to change his position to what we need is a bunch of bulls**t and we've gotten burned in the past trying to do so. KEEP HIM AT LEFT GUARD IF WE PICK HIM, AND DON'T CONSIDER IT A REACH IF HE TURNS OUT TO BE A PRO BOWL OLINEMAN. BECAUSE THOSE ARE HARD TO GET, AND WORTH THEIR LARGE ASS WEIGHT IN GOLD. Okay?

I'm not even the biggest Iupati fan but he' is a good guard and Baas pissed me off so badly at times last year I wouldn't definitely be happy with an upgrade like Iupati.

Rachal is a stud and will be a great guard for the future. Baas is ok--we could definitely use an upgrade but he would make a good backup. We need a stud RT and a guard to replace Baas. We can get the guard in the second if we need to, but the tackle we need in the first.

Um, I have hopes that within the next year or so Rachal may develop into a reasonably decent guard. And I have had patience with him, as you must with young players. But, Smiley, calling him a stud at this moment in time is an offence against the English language.

Did you watch him at the end of the season? It was like a light clicked on and he suddenly got it. The last four or five games he was a dominant guard. Didn't allow any sacks since week 10, no QB pressures since week 13, and 1 QB hit in that time. We went from not being able to run behind him and needing Baas to pull constantly to being able to run behind him on a consistent basis. Mark my words--the guy is going to be a great guard, even more so now that we have Solari coming in to town.

Originally posted by English:

On the subject of Iupati, this business of it being too high to draft a guard and all the rest of it makes me laugh. A percentage of the first round are going to bust and a further percentage are going to be a disappointment. We all know this. Iupati is unlikely to be a bust (although there are no guarantees with the draft) and it seems very possible that he will be a perennial Pro Bowler at our weakest position. We can:

snap him up

pass on him because he is a guard and watch how he plays for the Cowboys for the next decade

trade down if we find a trade partner, pick up an extra lowish pick and gamble he doesn't get taken first.

He may well end up, with the benefit of hindsight, being one of the best players to come out of this draft. Lets grab him. And play him at guard. One problem: sorted.

I'm all for snapping Iupati. If I was running the draft I'd go Trent Williams at 13 and Iupati at 17 and then take a look at our other needs in the rest of the draft. However I'll be shocked if that's what this FO does.

Well, you were close!! Were you shocked?
i don't think many folks realize this thread was off of comments form the senior bowl and they are 100 accurate and is what every other draft expert said though some believed he could be a left tackle. look at nfl history most guards don't get drafted int eh 1st round at all.
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sssshhhh...Anybody who doesn't think Iupati is the GREATEST DRAFT PICK OF ALL TIME will be attacked for blasphemy.
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