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***AB's 2010 Collaborative Mock Draft Thread***

Washington Redskins please. I want a top-five pick!
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I am interested. Could I take the 49ers? Or NFC North?

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Vikings !
I'll play along!!
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Me me me sign me up, this is a great idea man
How u gonna assign teams? Randomly? If so, I'll do it too. (PS: Everyone wants to draft for the 9ers)
I'll do NY Giants
I would love to be a part of this again
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When we have a set time, could someone send out messages or post it? I would hate to miss this.

If this gets off the ground, I'll take Oakland.
Originally posted by SacRock14:
If this gets off the ground, I'll take Oakland.

I'm in, I will take the Chargers.
I will take the Raiders!!! Dez Bryant is my pick haha
Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
I'm in!

I'll take the Seaturds.

I'll take whomever's available.

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