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49ers to Target the 2010 QB Draft Class???

We have 2 first rounders next year. If necessary use them to get a possible franchise QB. Maybe even throw in another pick or two. We need a franchise QB in order to win. I wonder who that guy is. Who's ranked the highest right now?
Hill should be a backup somewhere. Smith should be an QB coach at Utah.

At least Hill is productive and wins. If Hill had Smith's physical attributes, he would be a solid starter in the NFL.

It's frustrating. The QB situation still sucks.
I would be so happy if we got Tebow.
My personal favorite is Snead, but I would be happy with Bradford or McCoy as well.
Not trying to be a dick but this is more a question than a statement.

Should this be in the draft forum????
It damn sucks. It's been so long since we had a legit QB and been soo damn long since we were a winning team. I truly hope this year is different. All I wanted was a passrusher, a QB and a potential legit playmaker on offense. It seems like we got that playermaker on offense but he's currently holding out. That holding out crap is frustrating because we finally got that potential playermaker (since like 2003) n he's holding out. Hope this franchise is not curse.
Shouldn't we wait to see how Smith does before we say he can't be the starter? If it is good enough for Singletary, it's good enough for me.
If it really is necessary that we need to draft another QB, I'm all for drafting Texas QB Colt McCoy! There's just something about that kid I like.

Originally posted by DANADA:
I would be so happy if we got Tebow.

Tebow = Alex Smith on steroids.

You really want to go through yet another spread option QB?
Originally posted by backontop:
Originally posted by strickac:
I think Hill's done everything asked of him. He's in the middle of the pack as far as NFL starter go.

It just irritates me that someone like Smith should start over him, even if it is preseason. Hill has proven (easily, IMO) that he's the best QB on the team. Smith does not give us the best chance of winning.

Anyway, that's my rant.

If neither guy works out this year, then yes, we should definitely look at a rookie next year.

Who has ever said this??? The only QB that SHOULD be starting is the one that gives the team the best chance at winning. And currently at this moment that QB is Hill.

As for next year maybe Davis can step up? TOP_CAT seems to think the guy is god so lets hope he is if this turns out to be the case.

He's starting tomorrow over Hill.

McCoy will be a stud. Bradford has the makings of a bust. He's to fragile looking. he's had the luxury of playing behind a damn good solid o-line. Florida punked him in the BCS game. I would love Tebow, but not as our starter. You got to love his love & passion for the game. Solid! Sorry Guys but Nate Davis is not the Answer & he will be on the practice squad. Book It!
Hill will end up being regarded as a top 10 qb in this league

he's a tomo romo like come up story
No matter how well Hill performs as the starter this year I expect us to take a Qb very early. If all goes according to plan and Carolina crumbles (which I expect them too) this year, then we'll be in great shape for the draft. My favorite is McCoy...he is going to be a stud. He just has that winner quality.
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Originally posted by DANADA:
I would be so happy if we got Tebow.

Tebow = Alex Smith on steroids.

You really want to go through yet another spread option QB?

uh, NO
I came to this thread to say.

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