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Glen Coffee on the Front Page of ESPN's FFB

The Replacements..

They have him and Tashard Choice on there saying they will get alot of touches...

I predict Coffee to have a MONSTER game...
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Yeah, I think Coffee will have a good game, but it all comes down to the offensive line creating holes for him. He's a downhill runner so he isn't going to create anything for himself.
if ur hurting for a RB, either of those two would be good pickups since they'll be starting. Duh.
As long as Raye gets Coffee on the edges every now & then & doesn't bang him straight up the middle he should have a very good game.
Coffee was on the front page of Yahoo Sports and he is still probably on the front page of Yahoo FF Sports.
damn it. why couldn't they have waited 1 more day for when he cleared waivers in my league. and i already have tashard choice in both leagues.
They should put the Niners D as a sleeper
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