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*** San Jose Sharks 2014 Off-Season Thread ***

Originally posted by ads_2006:
W wont be easy Saturday

Griess is starting, new lines especially the 3rd & 4th, pressure on the players to

the tank will be rocking though, they'll have the crowd behind them. the coyotes are gritty, but the sharks have much more talent and griess has answered the call pretty well when he's been asked to step it up.

lets go sharks!
Anyone have any idea how may games Niemi might miss?
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Anyone have any idea how may games Niemi might miss?

maybe a week

it isnt that serious from my understanding

plus they just released his commercial, cant have an injured player who wont play soon be promoting games
2 more hours!! LET'S GO SHARKS!!!
Ok guys help me out! Didn't follow the offseason too much. Who did we get to make us better? Are we better this year then last year?
Go Sharks!
Is Havlat injured?
Go Sharks! woot woot!
Mah Boi with the first goal of the season!
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Fiilthy first 5 min! Amazing play between the new and imrpoved top line :D
Damn, this LA scum is already making an impact.
Sharks are skating well
great 1st period
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