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Chris Finke The slippery fox!

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I can't believe that there is no love for the slippery fox. This guy has an opportunity to win the slot and punt return duties. He will be fun to watch battle for those spots. Finke is 5-9 186 ran a 4.57 forty. Compared to Taylor 5-8 181 ran a 4.63.
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Can't help but root for this kid to overachieve, survive the cut, makes the team
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I am a fan. and I know Wes is a fan.
I'm very interested in seeing what he does, i see him being a larger version of Trent Taylor, I think he has a real shot at making the 53 and for sure will be apart of the practice squad if he doesn't.
I like Finke's skill set a lot. He has the tools to succeed, though his style of play certainly makes you concerned for injuries. Even Welker's career eventually ended because of them. Taylor's has been hampered already. Michael Campanaro's career ended because of injuries. Travis Benjamin has struggled with injuries lately. So, a lot of guys in this particular mold seem to be injury risks, but if you get a good one that can stay on the field enough, obviously that gives the team a huge boost.

We know Bourne/Hurd/Jennings fit the "bigger slot" identity. But I'm really looking forward to seeing who wins out that battle among the "little" slot guys.
Practice squad. I think with off season activities getting limited it's going to be hard for guys like this to really press their claims.

If Taylor is healthy he'll get the nod first.
Deceptively quick, tough, bring your lunch pale to work kinda receiver, compares to Wes Welker, he's not elusive he's slippery, high football IQ, Non stop motor
Finke is Einhorn... Einhorn is Finke!

Originally posted by Waterbear:
Finke is Einhorn... Einhorn is Finke!

She found captain winky

Originally posted by susweel:

Chris Weinke's cousin.
Nice cornerback
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Originally posted by Waterbear:
Finke is Einhorn... Einhorn is Finke!

Hahahahahahaha!!! You son of ........
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