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⛏ SF 49ERS @ NO SAINTS ⚜️ Pregame Thread - 2019 Season Week 14

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⛏ SF 49ERS @ NO SAINTS ⚜️ Pregame Thread - 2019 Season Week 14

~15 more hours until we find out the truth.
Originally posted by Pillbusta:
Originally posted by 91til:
Random predictions:

We rush for ~125 yards and 1-2 TDs
Jimmy: 23-33, 275 yards, 2-3 TDs (plus probably his 1 weekly TO lol)
Kittle: 75+ yards and a TD
Defense has 4+ sacks and at least one takeaway.

Niners win by 4 points or more. I'll say Niners 34, Saints 27.

Bonus: I've been wanting to see Jimmie get an INT. So I'll throw that in there.
We ain't letting NO score that much

If Dee is really playing, Bosa, Buck, Arik and DEE are not giving up 27, not 20 , maybe 17. No mas. But saleh better have the answer for mike Thomas or we will wish he had. Kamala i think we stop. Thomas is a problem But if the magnificnent 4 are up and ready this is a W.

Really curious how kittle, Dwelley, Sanders, and Debo do. also look for Brieda / Wilson/ Coleman to come up with another 75 yds in receptions. Au jus...add 45 yds. We could go big passing yds this game tho i hope we do ZBS and get 230 on the ground. If that gets stopped then JG goes for 310 and 3 TDs.
Originally posted by Baldie:
Originally posted by mayo49:
Originally posted by 49erfaninPA:
The goal is right in front of the 49ers. Control own destiny. Just need to grab it. Go NINERS!

To regain back the #1 seed:

SF beats NO
LAR beats SEA

I like it.

That would be the perfect ending to this weekend!

The Seahawks have to lose 2 games before playing us for any loss by them to matter. If they lose tomorrow and we win it doesn't hurt them really at all because they still also would control their own destiny as they have the tie breakers. If we lose and they win the division is essentially lost for us because they have the tie breakers even if we beat them week 17 and both end up 13-3. Essentially we have to win out. Maybe the Seahawks lose both of their next 2 road games and we win our next 3. Would be nice for week 17 not to matter.
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Originally posted by Fanaticofnfl:
~15 more hours until we find out the truth.

Then we'll be set free?
We gotttttttttttt dissssssssssssss
Let's Go Niner D! Destroy Brees, stop the run, sack and sack again..! NINERS!!
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