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⛏ SF 49ERS vs GB PACKERS 🧀🦓 Pregame Thread - 2019 Season Week 12

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⛏ SF 49ERS vs GB PACKERS 🧀🦓 Pregame Thread - 2019 Season Week 12

(Flexed to SNF)

Please post all your pregame news, observations & discussions here.

This thread will be locked come gameday, to be superseded by an Official Gameday Thread.

In cases where it is appropriate to merge threads (like if an injury happens and everyone reports it at the same time) mods will do so.
So who's hurt and who's not hurt? Then we can discuss the game.
lets gooooo!!!
Let's get the Packers team that played the Chargers. K thx.
Packers are very beatable... though they are coming off a bye which throws a bit of a wrench in things. We are dinged up too.

Fortunately Rodgers is not particularly mobile so that should play well into our defensive strengths.

27-24 Niners 10-1
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So glad we won today bc I think we take this one, but woulda hated it to have a "must win" feel.
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We need our offense and defense intact to win this one. Rodgers can run and he's the best talent we will have faced...
Bosa is so excited to get back to a more conventional QB
Bring on the cheese heads, please Kittle and Breida be back with Sanders, Ford and Deebo healthy !
Emotional loss against Seattle followed by an emotional win against Arizona. That bodes well. You want those good endorphins fueling this team heading into another huge game with playoff seeding on the line.

Must avoid at all costs Jimmy.
Going to this game!! Cheehooooo! My wife and kids 1st one, sucking it up and taking my family with me for this one
Originally posted by Hysterikal:

Must avoid at all costs Jimmy.

You love him so much lol
Limit mistakes and penalties
will this finally be the week Kittle is back? Hopefully
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