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State of the Team, Roster Analysis, & Needs

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great post otc
Originally posted by mayo49:
I think you guys are panicking - coaches are only as good as their players. We need better players to coach - once we upgrade our starting talent then the team will improve.

I have to respectfully disagree with you Mayo... it possible that guys like Colbert and Tartt were overrated but we need only go back as far as the Harbaugh era when Jim brought in a first class coaching staff and went from a sub .500 team to a solid playoff team in one season. Coaching was a big part of that. If one looks at the Ram team now, McVay hired veteran coordinators (and actually, former head coaches) to help him in his first year as head coach and it has worked out beautifully.

Now, I do agree with you that the NIners don't have as much talent as the Rams or the NIners in 2011 but....this team does have young talent and it is up to the coaching staff to help develop and bring out the best in that talent...and I do not believe that is being done. Finally, not all of the coaches are doing a poor job but if I were Lynch / Shanny, I would look at replacing the DB coach and perhaps even Saleh. The bottom line is that there are far too many missed assignments and mental errors on defense. Also, even though AA finally seems to have found a nitch on the DL, the coordinators still haven't found a way to utilize Thomas.
Originally posted by FL9er:
Solid post OTC.

This. Can't wait to see how we attack the rest of this season trying to acquire any players via trade or FA released. Then the offseason plan & draft will be extremely important for this team.
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