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Offseason proof 49ers are aiming for contention in 2019

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Originally posted by 49erminion:
What happened to Kawakaki btw? Don't recall any of his articles being advertised on the front page in a long time. Did webmaster ban his articles or something? :)

He is with The Athletic now, a pay for view site.
Originally posted by Lobo49er:
Originally posted by NYniner85:
Why you creating a thread for this dips**t?

Did we get an answer to this yet?

Because Grant's newspaper, like many others, is dying. Nobody pays for a newspaper subscription anymore. So, to drum up new business, Grant's newspaper dreamed up a new policy: You can only comment on the newspaper's website IF you are a PAYING subscriber.

This tactic isn't going to work, of course. I started a poll a decade ago in the PL section to find out how many of you actually subscribed to any form of print, and the answer back then was around 20-percent. I would imagine that percentage has dropped even further.

But this is why a thread was created for this particular news "piece."
Stopped reading at "they didn't address any major needs this offseason."

Not reading his piece, I said that months ago anyway, and Im only a partial tool, not a complete tool like Cohn.
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Originally posted by 16to87:
Clicked 49 times so the posters above didn't have to

Get thee behind me satan!

Cohn is a tool who is ruining the good name of his father. Will. Not. Click.

It's funny to me that after years being a beat reporter of an NFL team he has around 5k followers on Twitter.
There is a difference. 49ers aren't blowing their wad going all in because they know they still have a lot of holes and goin best available approach.

Probably why they chose to ignore pass rush this year with next years draft class being much better at pass rushers. But him using Pettis as an example of them giving up on this year is dumb as hell....which is typical Cohn.
Originally posted by jonnydel:
I refuse to read anything Grant says. He's a try-hard and almost everything is conjecture with no real football knowledge to back it up. The last article I read by his - and I swore off ever reading his stuff again, he was making up some wild theory about something after a press conference and admitted that he wasn't at the press conference.

This - agree.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:

The next time he gets an original thought will be the first time. He's the Dollar Store version of Kawakami.

His only role is getting slapped down by head coaches in press conferences like he owes them money when he asks some inane, snarky question which only reveals just how far out of his league he really is.

And this.
"Why won't Jimmy say he wants to be here....."
-Grant Cohn

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He may be right. I know this though, Jimmy will try and win every game.
Originally posted by susweel:
Grant is one of the better local writers, dude is usually spot on with his analysis.

Stop drinking the Cohn bath water!!!
Originally posted by 16to87:
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Did you clear all your cookies first...
Originally posted by cciowa:
in my opinion he gets snarked at cuz the other reporters treat lynch and kyle with kid gloves. you need someone to ask the tough questions. when you are used to being babied by the media. you will get short with a guy who actually challenges you and asks the tough questions

Stop drinking Cohn's bathwater cc.

There are better ways to hydrate and you won't risk choking on some douchy Skeletor's discount brand hair gel residue.
Originally posted by 16to87:
Clicked 49 times so the posters above didn't have to

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