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John Lynch - 49ers GM

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So we have nobody with experience in the FO?
Originally posted by Jcool:
Melissa Jacobs ‏@thefootballgirl
Husband to me: Congrats on hiring Matt Millen.

joke is already old
a future hall famer, all pro and superbowl winner
Originally posted by Jcool:
I can get to a point of acceptance on this... but SIX YEARS!!????

So far it seems like they like him most for qualities that are most crucial in an EVP of football ops and not necessarily a GM. Almost sounds like they are going to be doing GM by committee the way Denver has it setup.
I think this surprises even susweel.
Either the next Elway or the next Millen.

it's always exciting to be a niner fan.
Originally posted by ninerfreak:
Does this mean we're still not gonna draft WRs and a QB?

With Kyle at HC and Mike more than likely coming in and overseeing this, highly doubt we don't draft a WR and QB
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Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeyman
my 2 cents: the sf 49ers may be the worse run org in sports. chased out harbaugh, now handing power to announcer/ex-player
What. The.
It came out of nowhere but whatever, I like it. I think he can be a good GM. Elway had no front office experience before taking over the Broncos. Manning has no front office experience yet people think he'll be great.

Welcome aboard John.

At least this time our GM can really coach our DB.
HAHAHAHAH I just saw this! This team is a f**king dumpster fire. LOSERS
I will say i have read he is very smart with Defense and Defensive players but he not having been in this type of role scares me. My guess is Shannahan had full say of the Offense and Lynch is here for the Defensive side.
Originally posted by jreff22:
So we have nobody with experience in the FO?

Ask the sacramento kings how that worked out...
Originally posted by Giants9ersfan:
Originally posted by susweel:
Lol wtf no experience in front office. Typical niners

And people kept blaming you and others like myself for trying to keep people realistic about Jed/Paraag.

Yup. It was a long s**t this PoS could convince a good GM to come to s**t s**t fire.
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