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John Lynch - 49ers GM

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Originally posted by boast:
so basically Tom Gamble is our GM. @SoCalSteph right again!

so i think i know the plan here. Lynch will build and evaluate defensive talent and Kyle will handle offense. I think Kyle will have a lot of say in draft and FA. Im guessing Gamble will also have a big role too

Hey, Elway didnt have much experience and he turned out to be quite the evaluator. Both stanford guys so both are obviously pretty smart.
Can't be any worse than Baalke
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by captveg:
Communication is the key word there. York wants to hammer that point home after Baalke's failure at it.

Obviously Shanahan also likes Lynch or this wouldn't have happened. Sounds like Paton and McDonough couldn't persuade York/Shanahan over the weekend quite enough.

This seems like an absolute overreaction to Baalke. You went from a guy with a clenched jaw who was a social misfit of sorts to someone super intelligent and glib but with essentially zero relevant experience for the position he was appointed to.

Possibly. But if they interviewed him weeks ago, that means they discussed him with Shanahan, and that Shanahan was comfortable with him. They even have Shanahan a 2nd interview with two other potential candidates, but they still chose Lynch, which also suggests Shanahan still liked Lynch more and expected to work better with Lynch.
Originally posted by Cisco0623:
Can anyone defend this? Lol

Good luck.
Originally posted by obx49:
The Harbaugh curse

Daaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm Daniel

We are f---ed
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by boast:
so basically Tom Gamble is our GM. @SoCalSteph right again!


Lmao! Typical niner fans. We finally didn't have a leak to who our GM hire was and everyone goes insane lol at least we won't be having leaks anymore 😉
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Originally posted by pdizo916:
f**k this team. Im done. Im switching teams.

Cmon man lol
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Unbelievable, I still can't believe it.

Nobody wanted father shannahan.... well, here you go
Originally posted by Giants9ersfan:
Originally posted by susweel:
Lol wtf no experience in front office. Typical niners

And people kept blaming you and others like myself for trying to keep people realistic about Jed/Paraag.

Lol yup they thought jed had learned his lesson.
Originally posted by footballxpaul:
Unexpected but he was my favorite player for a while. So I love it

What? Why does that make him a GM?
Originally posted by stonecold590:
I will say i have read he is very smart with Defense and Defensive players but he not having been in this type of role scares me. My guess is Shannahan had full say of the Offense and Lynch is here for the Defensive side.

lol i wrote my comment and then saw yours. Had the same idea
Jedscuses are coming from the usual suspects
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