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John Lynch - 49ers GM

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Why a 6 year deal? Who were they bidding against?
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6 years. Has to mean Kyle got a 6 year deal also
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I'm guessing not everyone is in agreement on this?
This feels like a Kyle Shanahan powerplay. After Jed failed to nail down McDaniels, he must have been willing to do pretty much anything to keep Kyle interested.
With 2 potential good GM candidate and you give it to John Lynch? Whyyyy!?
Via Jason Cole

Source close to Kyle Shanahan said move to hire Lynch was slightly surprising, but Shanahan is good with it. Lynch played for elder Shanahan
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by Jcool:
I can get to a point of acceptance on this... but SIX YEARS!!????

So far it seems like they like him most for qualities that are most crucial in an EVP of football ops and not necessarily a GM. Almost sounds like they are going to be doing GM by committee the way Denver has it setup.

Tom gamble gots the GM duties. I think this goes to the relationship between Kyle and him. I still remember watching a game Lynch was doing And him saying his number 1 HC canidates was Kyle. Never guessed he'd actually get that wish.
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Originally posted by thl408:
Why a 6 year deal? Who were they bidding against?

Kyle probably got 6 years
Originally posted by pd24:
6 years. Has to mean Kyle got a 6 year deal also

6 years to reach 8-8
Originally posted by Predator85:
Originally posted by captveg:
Originally posted by Fanaticofnfl:
Ian RapoportVerified account‏@RapSheet

The #49ers identified John Lynch weeks ago as a potential GM. He wouldn't go through with it unless it remained secret. Secret no longer.

Can someone explain why Lynch would want it to be kept a secret? The fact that it was kept a secret is part of the reason we're struck right now...

Some people like their privacy.

Or a test for a organization known for leaks.

That too. Niners only officially announced interviews that the candidates wanted announced. Makes you wonder who else they may have interviewed for HC or GM.


If Shanahan was on board, then okay, but really?
Originally posted by Sims19849ers:
Intelligent guy, Hall of Fame experience tho. Should've just hired Steve Young

Welp, as long as we got Kyle I'm satisfied. Let's see what happens

Why would Kyle come after this debacle?
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by Giants9ersfan:
Originally posted by susweel:
Lol wtf no experience in front office. Typical niners

And people kept blaming you and others like myself for trying to keep people realistic about Jed/Paraag.

Lol yup they thought jed had learned his lesson.

They thought people would jump at the chance to be GM here and work with jedraaghole.
Originally posted by pd24:
6 years. Has to mean Kyle got a 6 year deal also


gonna take at least 3 years to re-inject some talent across all the areas of need.
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*Jordan cry face*
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