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John Lynch - 49ers GM

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Lucked into Shanahan but Lynch as a GM?


So many qualified GMs 49ers interviewed...and in the end - they decided to hire a guy who has ZERO experience working in a NFL Front Office. He has ZERO experience as a scout at any level. I understand, so many potential GM candidates rejected 49ers. But, to hire a guy who has never held a position that is in no way related to a day-2-day job profile of a GM is unbelievable.

I'm sure Lynch is a smart guy...he was a smart player...but that has NOTHING to do with being a GM. Why take the risk at this time?


edit: After having some time to digest this news...wish him all the best and I hope he proves ppl wrong. Still don't understand why we needed to take such a risk but it is what it is now.

I do have to say - his first presser made a positive impression.

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SF is hiring Hall-of-Fame candidate and FOX analyst John Lynch as GM, sources tell ESPN. Lynch back to Bay Area, where he went to Stanford.

Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 2m2 minutes ago
Source: It's confirmed. John Lynch is hired as #49ers general manager.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 51s51 seconds ago
The #49ers are hiring FOX analyst John Lynch as their GM, source says. Out of nowhere.

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 4m4 minutes ago
49ers are giving John Lynch an almost unprecedented six-year deal to become their GM, per sources.

Bill Barnwell ‏@billbarnwell 2m2 minutes ago
Wow. Says a lot that the 49ers had to give Lynch, with no GM experience, six years to take the job.

Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami 1m1 minute ago
Again, no judgment of Lynch (yet), but I think the lack of leaks the last two days was a tell: Jed and Paraag were/are STRUGGLING.
Didn't see this lol.
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Does John Lynch know this hahaha
Dumb ass choice
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Lmao. What the hell????

If true
When no one wants to be your GM...
Tell me today is April 1???
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Matt Millen 2.0....
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