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f**k a cheesehead from Chico
Lol this!
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Cool man, just like the old days!

They sang the anthem last year during the saints game too im pretty sure.

Huey Lewis inspired Alex to win that game. If he would have sang in the championship game, we would have won that too!
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I'm very concerned that in switching from Alex to Colin, we're going to lose a big reason why we won the first game earlier this season...

Time of Possession, something Colin Kaepernick doesn't seem to do very well. He can't sustain long clock-eating drives, doesn't like or do well on short passes, which kept Rodgers off the field and on the sidelines most of the 1st game. Not to mention, Gore hasn't been running very well the last few weeks. With Colin's impatient quick down-the-field strikes, our defense is going to be on the field much longer than they would be if Alex was playing. Essentially, we have to win a shootout type of game with Colin out there.

seahawks and cards have top 5 defenses , thats why gore hasnt been good last 2 weeks, but lets be honest aside from clay mathews GBs defense is hot garbage.

Yeah they are hot garbage. The reason they won yesterday was Joe Webb is hotter and stinkier garbage! He would make any D look good.
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This game sets up good for the Niners. The Pack has no running attack and if Rodgers has to put it up 50-60 times forget about it. The Packer Defense will not stop the 49er Offense. As soon as Ponder was listed as inactive the game was over. The dink and dunk is not going to work against the Niners. I know it's easy to look ahead but let's give this game full attention.
They have a running attack but its a 5'7" car salesman named harris... Who couldn't sell a single car. I think our d can handle him. The key is to press on the wr's to throw off the timing w/ Rodgers. I think the Niners are great at getting "coverage sacks" I feel I've seen more sacks after 3 secs or so than straight up beating their man to get to the qb. Tbh I think randle Cobb and Greg Jennings are the key too stopping them from sustaining drives. Another key is getting off the field after 3rd down...(cough cough, CR)
Bowman and Willis covering Finley up the middle with goldson up top. He is going to have a tough night
I want Kaepernick to be the Packers' Brett Favre and torment them for the next 15 years....

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I'd rather face the packers than the vikings.

uhhh, the Vikings suck without Ponder. They looked like a high school team today

Yeah right.. Vikings was without Ponder when Green Bay made easy to beat the Viking! Now 49ers vs Packers are tough games. If you feel too nervous or scare the Packers make you a bad luck when we will loss game. that is why.. Then. We don't need to scare anymore period!! 49ers can do for brave and not scare anymore period! Go 49ers Go!

lol what?
Lol tipssssssyyyy
Jk I love his ingles
Hilarious that one packer thinks Webb preps them for Kaep. Also, their fans seem to think that they just need to shut down Gore and make Kaep throw it. They seem to think he cant throw the ball. I hope the packers feel the same. They will be in for a surprise.

those fudge packers have ruined many seasons for us time to return the favor.
don't know about you guys but I'm already pumped for this game.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
They are very capable of beating us with a weakened Justin Smith and a kicker who can't hit FG's. Our D has dropped off the earth without Justin. How can you win a close game with our special teams?

no one has given you an answer cuz there are no good answers to your good questions. with the way our d plays without justin smith it may not be a close game and with the way we can not kick field goals, even if it is close, you know we can not kick a field goal to win. the keys to games are defense and special teams and sad to say, both of those areas, aside from lee are woefully inadequate as of late
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don't know about you guys but I'm already pumped for this game.

Yup, I'm already getting nervous
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