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RB Brandon Jocobs: Like It or Hate It?

RB Brandon Jocobs: Like It or Hate It?

Originally posted by SFrush:
That's obvious. But that wouldn't have stopped them from finding Dixon more carries if they really valued him. Especially considering Gore was banged up most of the second half of the season.

watch the games again...when Gore was not in there Hunter was there and they'd fit in Dixon when needed...its just that Hunter is a f'n Beast...even though Gore was banged up a bit, he still played as well. The regular season Giants game is when Dixon had to be used alot.

if you watch all of Dixons runs this season and compare them to last year...then you can see he changed up on the dancing...he has been doing a better job running forward.

I think Dixon has better vision than Jacobs...and better well as being more agile when need be.
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Originally posted by Afrikan:
Originally posted by SFrush:
Dixon had less than 30 carries last season. That stat alone tells me Harbs/Roman isn't high on him

or they are high on Gore and Hunter? ever thought of that?.... I mean, before Harbs got here, either it was Gore or nothing....they ran him to the ground.

when Dixon came in against the Giants in the regular season he played well.

Yeah, his 10 yards were so beastly.

well not really
Wait and see but leaning towards liking it. Jacobs is a lot better than Dixon(who could be good but I don't know if he really takes playing the position the way they want him to seriously). It could turn out really well and if not, no biggie. We have Gore and Hunter anyway if that happens.
Hate it BUT I believe in Baakle/JH so let's see how it shakes out.

The poison pill still has to make the team.
We have hunter... I don't understand the Jacobs pickup..
They call him Twinkle-Toes for a reason.
Plus he can't keep his mouth shut.
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Him and Gore will rush for 1,000 yards each no question

And Hunter. Book it.
I like it. He can't be worse than Dixon, he gives us some flexibility in the draft, and even if his inner b***h gets out of control, he can be cut without a second thought.
He'll be useful for short yardage or goaline situations obviously. Question is, does this mean the end for Big Dix?
reminds me of when we signed brian westrbrook for one year.. lol

he'd be great for the redzone
have to see how it plays out
Originally posted by ilikecows699:
reminds me of when we signed brian westrbrook for one year.. lol

If we had this coaching staff that year, Westbrook would have been a great signing.
No love it option? I think it is a good move. It will push Dixon and Jacobs. It would be nice to see Jacobs regain his best form. If he can push himself onto the squad and start grinding out tough yards when need be I'm all about it. It also sounds like a low risk signing with the ability to cut him in camp if he doesn't pan out early.
Jocobs and Gire...championship
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